NRC is being implemented Soon : Resolved in Manipur Assembly

NRC is Back Again after 71 Years

This is not a story. NRC issue is back again ! Recently the Manipur Assembly has resolved that National Register of Citizens (NRC) will be implemented and they establish a State Population Commission (SPC).  The decision of implementing the NRC has come after the representations received by the PM from more than 19 apex tribal organization demanding the NRC and other mechanism to protect the indigenous  people from the “ever-increasing number of non –local residents.”

What is the National Register of Citizens (NRC) ?

  • NRC is a written record prepared in respect of each village and cities, displaying the homes or holdings in a serial order and indicating against each residence or keeping the number and names of individuals staying therein.

  • The NRC was prepared after the 1951 Census of India and it is strange that since then it has not been updated till date.

  • It has been updated in Assam only for now and the government plans to update it for all states of India.

What is the basic purpose of NRC ?

The basic purpose of  NRC is to separate “unlawful” immigrants from “legitimate” citizens.

Who is the Nodal Agency of NRC ?

Registrar General and Census Commissioner India is nodal agency  of NRC.

Why is Manipur Pushing for NRC?

According to records supplied in the Manipur Assembly, the populace of Manipur has increased considerably from 1971 to 2011, pointing to a robust possibility of a large inflow of non-Indians, particularly Myanmar Nationals generally Kukis-Chin Communities.

Apart from the Kuki-Chin , pro-NRC groups have identified “Bangladeshis” and Muslims from Myanmar who’ve “occupied the constituency of Jiribam and scattered within the valley regions” in addition to Nepalis (Gurkhas) who have “risen in exceptional quantity” as “outsiders”.

The northeastern States had been paranoid about “outsiders”, “foreigners” or “alien cultures” swamping out their numerically weaker indigenous communities.

Manipur, home to three essential ethnic group, isn’t any special.

These ethnic groups are the non-tribal Meitei human beings and the tribal Naga and Kuki-Zomi groups.

There has been a records of battle among those three different races, but the NRC issue has seemingly positioned the Meiteis and the Nagas on the same stage.

They declare that an NRC is necessary because the political crisis in neighboring Myanmar, precipitated by using the military coup in February 2021, has compelled masses of people into the State from throughout its 398-km international border.

A majority of people who fled or are fleeing belong to the Kuki-Chin groups, ethnically associated with the Kuki-Zomi race in Manipur in addition to the Mizos of Mizoram.


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