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Why Disability Pension is Granted to Armed Forces Personnel

After joining the Indian Armed Forces, soldiers may fall ill and placed in low medical category (LMC) due to stress and strain of military service and operational activities of the defence forces.  When such LMC personnel and officers are released from the Armed Forces or discharged on completion of terms of engagement, may be granted disability pension or invalid pension subject to fulfillment of other conditions.  In this article we will discuss that conditions under which one may be granted disability pension. In other hand, even after joining the Armed Forces in 100% medically fit condition, some LMC personnel are not granted any disability pension or invalid pension.

Which disease are eligible to be qualified for disability pension

Some people may have illusion that only some specific disability/disease are eligible to be qualified for disability pension but this is not true. Disability pension depends only on some specific conditions but not on the type of disease.

Conditions for grant of disbility pension

As per Regulation  37 & 81 of Pension Regulation for the Army 2008 Part I, one can get the disability pension if satisfy the following conditions :

Condition No.1  :  Disability should be either attributable to military service or

                                    aggravated by military service or both.

Condition No. 2 : Minimum disability should be :

                                   (i)   1% for medical invalidment cases

                                         (Board out/ released due to non-availability of

                                         sheltered appointment or unwilling to accept

                                         sheltered appointment).

                                   (ii)   20% for retirement/ discharge on superannuation (completion of

                                         Coloured service) & Premature retirement cases.

Some important points on disability pension

Regarding grant of disability pension must know the following information :

                (i)            There is no minimum service limit for grant of disability pension wef 01.01.1973

                (ii)           There are two elements of disability pension i.e Service element and Disability element.

                (iii)          Disability element depends on percentage of disability and last pay drawn. Service element depends on the last pay drawn by the individual/officer. Here, last pay means (Basic pay + Military service pay + Class Pay + Gp X Pay)

                (iv)         Disability is broadbanded as   20% to 49% = 50%

                                                                            50% to 75% = 75%

                                                                            76% to 100% = 100%

(v) In case of invalidment case broadbanding 1%-49% = 50%

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