Changes in Rules of ECHS in 2022 | Now ECHS members will get more benefits

Changes in policy of ECHS is a continuous process in order to provide better service to thier beneficiaries Central organization ECHS, Adjutant Generals Branch has issued a letter to all Regional Centre on recent in orders / SOP under which it was instructed to modalities of issue of medicine to ECHS beneficiaries.  In the letter some basic changes have been made on the SOP issued on 5 September 2017. The details of changes are as under :

Issue of medicine to ECHS Member proceeding foreign country

The ECHS members who are proceeding to any foreign country may collect his routine medicines as prescribed by the doctors for maximum of 06 months. To get this benefit one need to produce sufficient proof of foreign visit i.e VISA and Air Ticket.

Issue of medicine to Bed Ridden patient

The ECHS members who are bed ridden and unable to visit ECHS frequently can collect medicine for a maximum period of 90 days subject to prescribed by doctor as not required to review within 90 days.

Issue of medicine to ECHS members who are residing in hilly terrain

Some areas which is know as hilly areas and communication/transportation system are quite difficult, the ECHS members of such areas may also eligible to collect medicine for a maximum period of 90 days.

Conditions for issue of medicine for long periods

All such ECHS members may be issued with the medicines for long periods subject to availability and administrative feasibility.

For Details kindly read the /download the original letter as link given below.


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