No Hard Copy of Documents Required in ECHS for Dependency Proof

Treatment for ECHS members is now easier than earlier.  You can get the treatment with minimum harassment.   As you know, it was  compulsory for you to deposit a copy of the Adhaar Card, PAN Card and Form 26 AS alongwith Appx A duly affixed the PP size photographs for all your dependents above 18  years of age to prove the eligibility of the dependency.

Now, the entire system has been migrated to online mode and you need to upload only Form 26 AS and submit a declaration of eligibility and Life certificate.  No need to submit document for spouse. Life certificate of the Primary beneficiary will be linked with the Annual validation/life certificate available on SPARSH Portal.  Based on the income criteria, eligibility is considered by the OIC Polyclinic every year.

Problem arises  when most of the ECHS beneficiaries who have already uploaded such documents for their dependents and visited ECHS Polyclinic for treatment of such dependents.  The ECHS Polyclinics are still following the old rules and asking the hard copy of the documents as earlier.

Even after requesting time and agin the ECHS authority not allowed those ESM families to avail medical treatment inspite of having valid 64 KB ECHS Card and all the requisite eligibility documents already uploaded and life certificate declaration submitted well in time. Moreover, the ESM families are being humiliated and harassed by the ECHS Staff, as reported by several victims.

The matter was informed by the victim veterans to the Central Organisation ECHS, New Delhi and their grievances have been redressed with justice.

As per the reply received from ECHS authority by the victims, “now all the PCs have been advised to accept the statement of ECHS member that their dependency has been verified and will no longer ask for the physical certificate to be pasted on the treatment book”.

Consequent upon facing such difficulties, a national level Forum of ECHS Benificiaries have been formed named “ECHS Members Welfare Association”.  Thousands of ECHS beneficiaries have already joined this organisation to strengthen it to fight against all odds and ensure the rights of ECHS beneficiaries.  WhatsApp Group for all State level members have also been created by this organisation. Willing and desired ECHS Beneficiaries may join it or know more about the Association on links provided below :  

Click below To Join as Members of “ECHS Members Welfare Association”

Click below to Join WhatsApp Group of ECHS Members Welfare Assocition ” of All States :


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