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Kendriya sainik Board offered a number of welfare schemes for the Exservicemen and their family members. To avail the opportunity, Registration with KSB is very essential. in this article you will know about the process of registration on KSB Portal.

 An ESM is required to register himself by filling an online form on the Web portal www.ksb.gov.in.

The ESM must create an e-mail ID (if not held) and use a registered mobile number and must keep a record of these as all future correspondence will be through the registered e-mail and mobile number only. The ESM is required to fill-in all the details and especially the * marked fields which are mandatory. On successful registration, the ESM will be sent a verification link on his registered e-mail ID. He is required to click on the verification link to complete the registration process. He will be provided a system generated user Log-in-id and password on his e-mail. Using the Log-in ID and password, the ESM can successfully log in to the KSB Web portal and visit the enlisted schemes.

 Application Process in Details

In order to apply for the welfare schemes, the individual needs to click on the ‘welfare’ tab on www.ksb.gov.in , select the relevant schemes and follow the on screen instructions. On submitting the welfare scheme form, the application form will be available on the portal of respective ZSB’s for further processing. The ZSB will give the suitable time and date on the registered e-mail/ SMS (on registered mobile number) of the applicant for presenting himself at the ZSB office with the relevant documents for verification.

Uploading Process. Consequent to successful registration, every entitled ESM may apply for any of the welfare schemes of KSB, by selecting the relevant drop-down menu. This process is self explanatory and user friendly. For each scheme, specific page opens itself, which is required to be filled online, by the ESM. ESM is also required to upload scanned image of original documents as mentioned on the Web portal itself, in support of his claim for relevant scheme. The online forms required to be filled have been enclosed under each scheme in subsequent paragraphs. ESM applicant must seek a suitable date from ZSWO for verification of original documents with uploaded documents by both ZSBuser and ZSWO Admin, independently on the same day, without loss of time of applicant.

Responsibility of Correctness of Application. The sole responsibility of correctness of uploaded application will be of the applicant ESM, who may be held responsible for uploading a non-entitled claim or stating incorrect facts in his formor found to be seeking double benefit under any scheme, within same period of entitlement. Such defaulter ESM may be debarred from applying for any welfare scheme in future and his ESM identity card may be withdrawn.

Procedure for Editing / Amending an Uploaded Application.  Applicant must  avoid editing or making amendments to their application, once uploaded. All applicants must, therefore, satisfy themselves for correctness of their application prior to uploading the same. Due to circumstances beyond his control, if an applicant wishes to edit his uploaded application, he may do so by sending a request on his e-mail registered on KSB Web portal to ZSB, or by approaching his ZSB with a written application, bearing his personal Particulars, online application number and reasons in brief for seeking reversion of his application, onhisportal. This he may do so, only till such time his application is shown pending for approval at KSB Admin or any stage mentioned at Para 6.8 below.

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 Once an online application is approved by KSB Admin, no amendment / editing will be permitted. After the written application is received by ZSWO, for reversionof an online application for amendment/editing and he is convinced with its genuineness, he will confirmits pendency at any stage, unless already approved by KSB Admin.

 ZSWO will then send an e-mail containing essential details of applicant including online Application Number and reasons for editing the application to JD Automation who will revert the application for 30 days to portal of the applicant for editing / amendment. A system generated e-mail will be dispatched to the ZSWO concerned and the applicant. In case the applicant fails to re-upload the application after intended amendment /editing within the given period (30 days), the application will be rejected by the system. ZSWO, JD Automation and back office will maintain written record /proof of correspondence involving such amendments,to avoid fraudulent editing of applications by any party. No staff member of ZSB/RSB/KSBor back office is authorized to make any change or amend/edit any part of anuploadedapplication.

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 Online Processing of Applications. After online applications aresuccessfully uploaded, all applications will be scrutinized the staff at various levels as follows(withinmaximum period mentioned in Para 8 above): – (a) ZSB User. (b) ZSB Admin. (c) RSB User. (d) RSB Admin. (e) KSB User.

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 Verification/Processing of Application
(a) The ZSB and RSB will independently verify each applicationfor welfare schemes on receipt, as per extant rules. ZSBs are responsible to ensure correctness of all documents uploaded on Web portal by applicant by validating the same from the original documents. Only correct applications are to be forwarded to the RSB and the ESM will be informed via system generated e-mail/ SMS.

(b) Incorrect applications must be placed under observation which will be reverted to dashboard of applicant to be rectified by him within system permitted period of 30 days, thereafter the application will be finally rejected. (c) Incorrect applications which cannot be rectified must be rejected. Reason(s) for placing application under observation or rejection must be entered in simple actionable words by concerned staff in the comments box for communication to the applicant by the system.

State Level.  ZSBs and RSBs are to ensure and confirm the following: – (i) All stipulated documents mentioned in the welfare scheme have been uploaded and the uploaded documents have not been falsified or tamperedwith. (ii) Documents uploaded by the applicant have been verified by the ZSBindependently, by personally verifying with the original documents. (iii) The application form uploaded is fully and correctly filled. Theinformationfilled in the application form is verified with original documents.

(iv) The applicant belongs to the bonafide category under which he/she hasapplied for any welfare scheme of KSB, duly supported by record sheldatZSBand documents verified by the ZSB. (v) Online application uploaded meets eligibility criteria as per laiddownrules for relevant welfare scheme. (vi) Application under process does not amount to double claimfor sameperiod as per rules of entitlement for same person.

2 (vii) All original bills under following schemes will be retained in ZSB and receipt given to ESM applicant: – (aa) Financial assistance to non-pensioner ESM/widowfor medical treatment (up to rank of Hav/equivalent). (ab) Financial assistance for treatment of serious diseasestonon-pensioner ESM (all ranks)/ widows. (e) ZSB Admin. ZSB Admin must physically check and verify eachonlineapplicationand documents uploaded with original documents producedbyESMforwhich a date must be intimated to the ESM to report to ZSWO with original documents. It will be the prime responsibility of ZSWO Admin to recommend only correct applications and place incorrect application under observationor reject as deemed fit by him. Under no circumstances the ZSWO will allowany incorrect application to be recommended to higher level.

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(f) RSB Admin. At this level correctness of applications being recommended must be ensured personally by RSB Admin. (g) Retention of Original Bills. Original bills will be retained by ZSWOafter scrutinyof application under medical treatment and serious disease schemes, respectively.Receipt of these bills will be given to ESMs. After payments are madeby KSB, billswill be returned to applicant duly endorsed by ZSB as PAID BY KSB. Recordof all receipts and return of supporting documents to ESMs is to be maintained by all ZSBs.

12. Endorsement of amount post scrutiny towards Financial Assistance. Theamountis calculated independently while recommending an individual’s onlineapplicationseeking Financial Assistance under any Welfare Scheme.

The amount, duly recommended for payment after scrutiny of application along with the bills/ relevant documents uploaded,is endorsed in the comments box while recommending individual online applicationsunderfollowing welfare schemes at all levels by appointments at ZSB and RSB:- (a) Financial Assistance for Vocational Training of Widows of ESM. (b) Financial Assistance for Procurement of Mobility Equipment for DisabledESM(all ranks). (c) Financial Assistance to Non-pensioner ESM for Medical Treatment (upto rank of Havildar/Equivalent).

(d) Financial Assistance for Repairing of House of 100%Disabled ESM/ Widows ,Orphan Daughter of All Ranks Damaged In Natural Disaster. (e) Financial Assistance for Treatment of Serious Diseases to Non Pensioner  ESM (All Ranks)/ Widows. (f) Financial Assistance as Reimbursement of 50% Interest on Home Loan upto Maximum Loan Amount of Rs. 1.00 Lakh to War Widow/ War Bereaved/War Disabled and Attributable Peace Time Casualties (All Ranks).

 Status of Application. The applicant will have the facility to check online status of his application by entering the application number. After KSB Admin approves the application, the same will be forwarded to competent authority for approval of payment. The individual applicant will receive an auto generated e-mail and SMS at each stage intimating the status of his application.

ESM applicants must regularly check their e-mail account and SMS facility to know the change of status of their online application. ESM applicants may visit their user account regularly on KSB Web portal by utilizing their user identity (ID) and password to remain conversant with the status of their online application. Any observation noticedintheapplication must be re-submitted by applicant duly rectified within 30 days failing which the application will be permanently rejected.

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. Maximum Duration for Processing. Maximum duration allowed at each stage to process the successfully uploaded application is as follows: – (a) ZSB. Within seven working days for online application for any schemefromthedate it is uploaded i.e. date of application. Call on telephone, or e-mail, or both, to theapplicant will be made within these seven (07) working days by ZSB. Thedateforapplicant to report to ZSB with his original documents for verification will beofferedtoESM within these seven (07) working days by ZSB. Applicant may chooseadateonany working day beyond the date offered by ZSB, as per his liking or convenience, toreport to ZSB.

The time lag between the date fixed for verification by ZSBandactual reporting by the applicant will be discounted from these 7 days availabletoZSBtoprocess an application. (b) RSB. Online application for any scheme will be processed within14workingdays by both RSB User and Admin, from the date the online application is receivedonthe portal of RSB User. (c) KSB. As follows, subject to number of applications received: – (i) Thirty working days for up to 3000 applications under all schemesuploaded online. (ii) If more than 3000 applications under all schemes are uploadedat anygiven time, then the maximum permissible duration will be increasedbyseven(07) working days for every 300 applications, subject to availability of budget.

 Sanction by Competent Authority. All efforts will be made by all concernedtoseeksanction of competent authority under normal circumstances within 45 days fromthetimeanapplication is approved by KSB Admin. 16. Crediting of Sanctioned Amount through NEFT. (a) All efforts will be made by Account Section, KSB to release payment throughNEFT transfer in applicant’s bank account under normal circumstanceswithin15days from date of approval by competent authority, provided there is nobunchingofexcessive number of applications and the bank transaction does not fail duetowrongaccount details uploaded in an online form by the applicant. (b) Intimating Payment Status by KSB Account to Welfare Section.

Account Section KSB will intimate payment status to Welfare Section KSB within 07daysof the date of crediting the payment of Individual applicant into his account through a marked CD showing each beneficiary detail and date of payment as intimated by bank. (c) Uploading of Payment Status Through Web portal. Jt Dir (Accounts)will ensure uploading of payment status on the Web portal (www.ksb.gov.in) inrespect of both category of applicants who have been successfully paid and also those who could not be paid due to failure of transactions as reported by bank within seven(07) days from the date of receipt of the payment status from banks.

Confirmationofsuch payment will be forwarded to welfare section at KSB, by the accountssectionofsuccessful payees, in a summarized manner to enable welfare sectiontouploadtheir data. Every applicant will be sent a system generated e-mail to confirmhis/herpayment status for relevant financial year. 17. Re-issue of Financial Assistance Not Paid Due to Failed Transactions. (a) All cases of failure of NEFT of approved financial assistance to applicantsbyKSB bankers (Re-Issue Cases) will be updated by Account Section, in the online applications of respective applicants on KSB Web portal. Web portal system will intimate the applicant about failed transaction on his registered Mob No and Mail ID through SMS and e-Mail respectively. (b) All such applicants whose transactions have failed, will be required to forward the following documents duly signed by individual beneficiary and countersigned by respective ZSWO, under a covering letter to confirm their fresh bank details:- (i) Cancelled Cheque/ First Page of Bank Pass Book. (ii) Copy of Aadhar Card. (iii) Copy of e-mail confirming their RI status.

(c) The responsibility towards such failed transaction will be as follows:- (i) Zila Sainik Board. The ZSWO will be responsible to informRI caseESMs of their area to fwd their fresh bank details, based on e-mailsreceivedby them. (ii) Welfare Section. The fresh bank details fwd by applicants will be processed. Batch wise lists of such failure (RI) cases will be prepared and fwd to Acct Sec for payment duly sanctioned by Secy, KSB. (iii) Accounts Section. (aa) Update failure of payment status in the online applicationofindividual clearly showing List No . List Srl No.Name of Scheme and amount approved . (ab) In addition, separate Nominal Roll of payment failurecaseswill also be forward to welfare section duly signed by JD Accounts. Onreceipt oflist from Welfare Section containing fresh bank details in r/oRICases, Accounts Section will make payments (RI) and upload the sameon Web portal.

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