Welfare Grants for ESM/Families

I. Raksha Mantri’s Discretionary Fund (RMDF) Scheme.

(i) Penury Grant (65 Yrs): (Applicable to Non-Pensioners upto Havaldar

(ii) Education Grant:(Applicable to wards of Pensioners/Non-Pensioners upto Hav
Rank) : Rs. 1,000/-pm.
(i) Boys/Girls upto Graduation.
(ii) Widows- Post Graduation.
(iii) Officer Cadet Grant: (for Cadets of NDA only): Rs. 1,000/-pm (Applicable to
wards of Pensioner/Non-Pen upto Hav Rank).

(iv) Disabled Children Grant – This is Applicable to 100% disabled wards of Pensioner/
Non-pensioners upto the rank of Hav ) Amount – Rs 1,000/-pm.
(v) House Repair Grant – This is Applicable to Pensioner/Non-Pensioners upto Havaldar Rank and used for for repair of own house damaged in Natural Calamity. Gazette Notification from State Govt required.). Amount – Rs. 20,000/- However, following categories may avail of the benefit even in case house damaged otherwise.
(a)100% Disabled ESM
(b) Orphan Daughter (of all ranks)

(vi) Widow Re-Marriage /Daughter’s Marriage Grant: (Applicable to widow/
daughters of Pensioner/Non-Pen upto Hav Rank) (eligible upto 02 Daughters) – Amount is Rs. 50,000/-(w.e.f 01 Apr 2016)

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(vii) Funeral Grant is applicable to widow of Pensioner/Non-Pensioners upto Hav Rank. Amount is Rs. 5,000/-
(viii) Medical Grant 🙁 Applicable to Pensioner/Non-pensioner upto Hav Rank and
his dependents/ dependents of Nepal) -Rs. 30,000/ (Maximum)
(ix) Orphan Grant 🙁 Applicable to orphans of Pensioner/Non-pen All Ranks)
Rs. 1,000/-pm (a) Daughters of ex-servicemen till she is married.

(b) One Son of exservicemen upto 21 years of age.
(x) Vocational Training Grant for Widows: Rs. 20,000/-(Applicable to widows of
Pensioner/Non-Pen upto Hav Rank) (One Time)

Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme

To support higher technical/professional education of dependent wards/widows of ex-servicemen and Ex-Indian Coast Guards, the scheme was introduced in the year 2006. 5500 scholarships are being awarded annually under this scheme to wards of Exservicemen/widows to be shared equally between boys and girls. The rates of
Scholarship are as follows:-(a) Rs. 2,000/- per month for boys.(b) Rs. 2,250/- per
month for girls. Last date 30 Nov 2023.

Reservation For ESM In Central Government

(a) Central Government Ministries/Departments: (i) 10% Direct recruitment
posts upto the level of Asst Comdt. in Central Para Military Forces (CPMF). ii)
10% Direct recruitment posts in Group ‘C’. iii) 20% Direct recruitment posts in
Group ‘D’.
(b)Central Public Sector Enterprises:
i) 14.5% in Group ‘C’ Posts Including 4.5% for Disabled &. Widows
ii) 24.5% in Group ‘D’ Posts
(c ) Nationalized Bank:
i) 14.5% in Group ‘C’ Posts Including 4.5% for Disabled & Widows
ii) 24.5% in Group ‘D’ Posts

Resettlement Training: An option to undergo resettlement courses in reputed
institutes pan India is provided to Officers, Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs)
and retired personnel’s through the office of DGR to enhance their educational
qualifications and increase employment options post retirement. An exemption of
100% of the course fees is given to JCOs/ORs and 60% to officers. The exempted
amount against the course fees is paid by the office of DGR.

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