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Doubts arises when new systems are introduced.  SPARSH is effectively disbursing the pension of Defence pensioners including civilians, family pensioners and all armed forces pensioners.  As a mandatory submission, all pensioners are required to submit a life certificate once in every year.  Since the Banks are no more acting as pension disbursing authority (PDA) for Defence pensioners, accepting Life certificate is not a responsibility of them.  Banks may deny to accept your life certificate.  In such a situation what to do now ?  Lets read the total doubt clearing topics here .

Q.1   My pension has not been migrated/ transferred to SPARSH till date.  I did not receive any user ID and Password. Where should I submit My life Certificate ?

Ans .   As per directive of MoD, pension of all Defence pensioners will be migrated to SPARSH by 31 Oct 2023.  However, as on 14 Oct 2023, Approx 28.7 lakh Pensioners have already been migrated to SPARSH.  Your Life Certificate is due on 30 Nov 2023.  So, it can be assumed that your pension will be migrated to SPARSH before 1 Nov 2023.  Hence, you should submit your Life Certificate using SPARSH PPO Number and PDA – SPARSH PCDA Allahabad using any means as described at the bottom of this Article.  You need not to submit your Life Certificate for the Year 2023 in the Bank.  However, you should check now whether your Pension has been migrated to SPARSH Or not using the mechanism available in the official website of SPARSH or in our website as article link below –

SPARSH Life Certificate Process : Step by Step Guide

Q.2.  My pension has been transferred /  Migrated to SPARSH.  I have not received User ID and Password Till date .  Should I submit My life certificate as earlier in the Bank only ?

Ans .  No.  Once your pension has been transferred to SPARSH, the Bank is no more responsible to collect your Life Certificate.  You should submit your Life certificate using various means as available in this article below.

Q.3.   I have received SPARSH User ID and Password but unable to login to SPARSH till date.  Could not complete PDV – declaration and acknowledgement.  How can I submit a Life Certificate on SPARSH ?

Ans.  Your situation is very common.  Whether you have logged in or not, your pension has been migrated to SPARSH and you are responsible to Submit your Life Certificate to your pension disbursing authority , i,.e SPARSH..  Just check the various ways to submit a life certificate for SPARSH Pensioners.

Q.4.   I have successfully migrated to SPARSH and I can access my SPARSH profile from my own PC.  How can I Submit Life Certificate on the SPARSH Portal ?

Q.5.  You are one of among 29 lakh SPARSH Pensioners as on date.  You can submit your Life Certificate directly to SPARSH Portal using simple Steps.  Just Login to SPARSH and click on the life certificate and proceed to the next steps.  Before this you must connect your Mantra MFS 100  Device so that you can put your Biometric presence through your PC.  Without it, you can’t complete an online Life Certificate through SPARSH.  Detailed process is available here-

Other ways to Submit Life certificate for SPARSH Pensioners

  1.  If you are an SBI Pensioner, you may submit your SPARSH Life Certificate to the Bank using New SPARSH PPO .  Must Mention that you are a SPARSH Pensioner.  SBI Will accept Manual Life Certificate till 2027 as per MoU with Defence Pension.   Other banks may accept, if feasible – so, you should contact your Branch manager for this.
  1. You may submit your Life Certificate using Jeevan Pramaan Website and Biometric device.  Finger Print, Face Detection etc are feasible now.
  1. SPARSH Portal is designed to accept your life certificate with biometric presence and also Without Biometric presence.  This is known as MLC.  Manual Life Certificate (MLC) is also an online process but can be submitted without a Biometric Device.  To opt this, you should login to your own SPARSH profile and download MLC Blank Copy duly printed with the MLC Number.  Then get it authenticated with a designated officer and scan it .  Using the SPARSH portal, you can upload this in the Life Certificate submission process as in the case of the Online Life certificate of SPARSH. 

If you have any specific query on the Life certificate, may read our articles available in this website –   or send a mail to 

You may Read details of Equal MSP movement here .

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