SPARSH Life Certificate Process : Step by Step Guide

How do I complete SPARSH Identification | Life Certificate through SPARSH

All Defence Pensioners are now in the SPARSH pension system.  Those who are still waiting, their account will be soon migrated to SPARSH By the end of 2023. Once the pension  is disbursed through SPARSH, an identification is to be  recorded in the SPARSH Profile.  Unlike pensioners of other departments, you may record your identification anytime in the year as and when due and need not to wait till November.  Once you have filed Identification, you don’t need to  submit a Life Certificate/Identificate using SPARSH Portal.

Pensioner Identification Process : Step by Step Guide

Life certificate for all Defence and Civil Pensioners must be submitted once in a year.  All defence pensioners are being migrated to SPARSH system by PCDA Allahabad and such SPARSH migrated pensioners need to submit Aadhar based (Digital Life Certificate) or MLC (Manual Life Certificate) any one may be opted for. 

Digital  Life Certificate through SPARSH

Step -1    Open the website of SPARSH in your LAPTOP or PC which must have internet connection.  Link provided below.(URL-
Step – 2     Log into the portal account using your credentials.

Step – 3    Click on the “Life Certificate / Identification” menu available in the left panel and right List of the page.
Step – 4    Click on “Perform Life Certificate/ Identification” . You may opt to submit a digital Life Certificate and need not to upload anything. If you have opted for the Aadhar option, you need to access the Aadhar linked mobile where you will receive the OTP thereafter the biometric scan of your fingerprint will be given. Just follow the next steps to complete the process as it appears on the screen.

Step- 5 You will find 2 options in this screen “Mannual Life Certificate” and “Aadhar“. Click on Aadhar option. Once selected on Aadhar Option, you will find a new dialougue box ” Please ensure Biometric device is connected to proceed further.”

**Separate Article is in this website to upload mannual life certificate.

MANTRA MFS 100 is the most suitable Device to Perform the Online Life Certificate on SPARSH Portal. The device which I am using is bought from Amazon. You may check it out from here.

You must install Mantra MFS-100 device on your PC before starting Life certificate process using the driver and RD Service client registration – both can be downloaded from jeevan praman website. Link –

Then navigate to the bottom of the page and click on PC/Windows. Then proceed to the next screen as below :

A link will be forwarded to your email. Now click on the link and select the Device and download RD Service client and Driver for MSF100.

Step -6 Once your biomatric device is effectedly connected, You may click on yes and put your finger on the screen of Finger Print Device. A dialouge will be shown – finger print captured Successfully.

Step – 7      In this screen you will get a dialougue box ” You have provided reemployment related information earlier. Will you continue it or Change it ” Click on No. and submt. Now your life certificate will be downloaded automatically.

How can I view my next idenification date?

Go To: Services > Identification, and view details of your identification completed, including last identification date & next identification due date

Process of identification using Manual Life Certificate:

  • Go To: Services > Identification > Perform Identification
  • Generate your MLC Number & download the blank form for Manual Life Certificate
  • Is there a time limit for uploading of Manual Life Certificate after download on Portal?
  • No. Manual Life Certificate can be uploaded anytime on SPARSH.

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