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Online CSD Smart Card Application Procedure From Home

CSD Smart Card Renewal in 2023

CSD card is Expired ? Dont Worry ! You need to replace it now. And it can be possible at online mode. You need not to visit any CSD unit or Deport or any Officer’s signature required. Just follow this information and make it easy. You can now apply for new CSD smart card completely using online process. The portal at present is under maintenance for improvement. You may wait for a few days or submit hard copy of the application at URC.

Due to some technical reason, the portal for online application of CSD smart card may not work. You need not to be worried, it will be all right very soon.

Those who are using CSD facilities for at least last ten years using the same CSD Smart card, they need to replace their Card (Renewal) which can be done on the newly introduced CSD Smart card Online Portal. In this article we will discuss about the detailed process of online application for CSD smart card. CSD beneficiaries should know this proess to renew/replacement of old CSD card so that you need not to visit the CSD for this purpose.

CSD has introduced several new system in last two decade.  You must be aware of Online CSD AFD items purchase portal, which is effectively used by lakhs of CSD beneficiaries.  Now Dept of CSD has introduced another digital step towards the convenient access of online preparation of CSD Smart Card.

Online CSD Smart Card Application : Step by Step Process
CSD Smart Card Online Application

Online Portal is to facilitate existing Canteen Smart Cards holders to apply online for replacement of Grocery, Liquor, and Dependent canteen smart card(s).

CSD Card Renewal Process

For New CSD Smart Card  on retirement or after ending the validity on expiry of 10 years, you may apply for CSD Smart Card.  After Success application, your New CSD Smart Card will be delivered at your home directly.  You need not to visit any CSD Canteen to apply for New CSD Card or to collect the CSD smart Card.  A details methodology of online application for CSD smart Card is described below.

Following CSD beneficiaries are required to apply through physical canteen smart cards application forms through Canteen:-

  • All first time applicants/ new applicants.
  • Beneficiaries not in possession of PAN Card.
  • Marital Discord Cases.

Steps to Renew CSD Smart Card

Step -1 :   To apply for the New CSD Smart Card, you need to register yourself in the official webportal of the Vendor  Smart Cheap Pvt Ltd which is an authorized Vendor of CSD for preparation of CSD Smart Card. You may visit the dedicated CSD Smart Card Project Portal https://csdsmartcard.co.in .  Information provided here for educational purpose and one must check and confirm before proceeding to any unknown link.  This website owner will not be responsible in case of any financial/data safety risk with any unknown link.

Step – 2 : www.csdsmartcard.co.in  enables Defence Canteen Beneficiaries to register themselves on their portal, and after due verification, apply online for canteen smart cards by making requisite payment @ Rs 165 per canteen smart card and Convenience charges @Rs 60/- per application on direct delivery by courier. CSD Beneficiaries can create and edit their profile on the portal. You may also track the status of your application on the online application portal. All rejected applications will be issued a credit intimation valid up to 60 days, during which you can resubmit the application with required corrections, after lapse of 60 days, in case customer does not reapply, the amount for payment of cards shall be refunded to the customer’s account( source of payment).

Information and Documents Required for CSD Smart card ( Replacement for 10 years or more old cards)

  • PAN Card Number, Functional Mobile Number & Email ID, Card ID & Serial Number of Grocery/Liquor card.
  • Pay levels as per current pay slip/PPO

Documents required to be uploaded for New CSD Smart Card Application Online

  • Photos – Single, Joint Photo with spouse & Dependent photograph – as applicable. Each Photo must not be more than 150 kb.
  • Images of Signatures of Self, and Dependents, if any – each one not more than 20 kb.
  • Current Pay Slip mentioning being paid from Defence estimates For Serving Defence Civilian.
  • Other Documents where applicable as per pdf format (duly filled) of undermentioned Appendices, each one not larger than 200kb.
  • Appendix “A” for Promoted cases of Serving & Serving to Retired Armed Forces.
  • Appendix “B” for ESM without Pension.
  • Appendix “C” for Serving Defence Civilian on Deputation.
  • Appendix “D” or Authorised Document (Single page/card) for Exempted Payment of Canteen Smart Card Categories such as Battle Casualty – Fatal/Chakra Awardee.
  • Accordingly after Registration to the portal fill up Online Form  &  make online payment.
  • CSD Cards will be delivered within 7-20 days by courier service directly at your home address.
  • You can track your online application also.
  • Your CSD Smart cards are valid for 10 years. Expiry date is written on your CSD cards, purchase bills and also CSD billing clerk can inform you.

Eligibility for CSD Smart card : In accordance with Army Order AO 32/84, Ex-Servicemen and their families and  Retired defence personnel with a minimum of 5 years of service are entitled to get CSD Canteen facilities available in units/establishments. Cadets / Recruits boarded out on medical grounds are also entitled to avail CSD facilities.  Medically invalidated and getting any kind of pension with less than 5 years of service personnel also entitled to get CSD Smart card.

Dependent CSD Canteen Smart Card Rules

As per the Govt order dated 4th May 2018 by issued by the Integrated HQ of Ministry of Defence (Army), Canteen Services Directorate, dependent canteen smart cards (grocery only) have been authorized to dependents of Armed Forces personnel which can be used on emergency.

Guidelines on dependent CSD Smart card are as under :-

  • (a) Dependent cards may be applied on a need basis only. Further,
    dependent canteen cards will not be used as identity cards. Dependent cards will only be used for gaining access to Unit Run Canteens.
  • (b) Following dependents of Armed Forces personnel (serving & retired) only are entitled to dependent canteen smalt cards (grocery only):-

(i)           Parents of Armed Forces personnel (serving & retired) (only if dependent, as per official                                     records).

(ii)    Daughter:  Up to the age of 25 years or till getting married \ (whichever is earlier). Unmarried/ Widow/ divorcee daughters if the dependent is also entitled irrespective of age. The eligibility will be verified by the URC through official records.

(iii)   Son:  Up to the age of 25 years or till getting employed (whichever is earlier). The eligibility will be verified by the URC through official records.

Only two dependent grocery cards are entitled to a beneficiary. The onus of furnishing authentic data lies with the primary grocery cardholder. URCs/ Local military authority (LMA) will carry out check wrt authenticity/ eligibility of dependent canteen smart cards.

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Updates for ESM

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