How to Purchase of CSD Items Online : Modification Letter by MoD

One more Modifications in the rules of CSD. Canteen Stores Department has implemented many new systems in the operations to esure expected service for the beneficiaries since its inception. In this article we will know about the latest modification of operations of CSD/purchase entitlement to ensure proper benefits to the veterans, soldiers and their family members. But you need not to be worried, everything will be fine. Lets know the process in details.

Defence canteen Stores Dept (CSD) is providing continuous service to the serving soldiers and their family members including Veterans since its inception and approx. 40 lakh beneficiaries are using this facility.  As you know some, there are certain rule for purchase of CSD items, it may grocery or home appliance/assets/electronic goods etc. 

To stop misuse, there are limits of  quantity of every items since long.  CSD Directorate used to revise the policy of operation and control from time to time.   In this article you will know about the latest revision of CSD policy and restriction for purchase of AFD Items for soldiers and veterans.

CSD New Purchase Policy

CSD Dte has issued a letter as copy of the letter placed below, the limit of purchase of some items has been revised. Details are here :-

(a)  Purchase of TV  –  You may purchase 2 TV sets in a block period of 4 years
(b)  Purchase of AC  –  You may purchase 4 ACs in a block period of 4 years
(c) Other AFD Items – One in 4 years.
(d) Vehichles (4 Wheeler) – As per entitlement (of Rank/designation)

Remaining items as per earlier (existing) authorization/entitlement may be purchased by the CSD beneficiaries –SOP of 27 Nov 2018 is still valid.

Read the original letter isued by Defenctry on the New Policy here.