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Indian Army in New Look : Change in 2023

Changes are the rules of nature and it happens in every system of this universe. You must have noticed small and big notable changes in Indian Army in last two decades. It is controversial that the small changes are not effective. I would like to remind you regarding “Kaizen” system of Japan. It tells about the accumulated changes of a group of small thing within the system may bring a great and effective changes.

Demand of changes in Indian Army in various effected aspects are under consideration at the MoD level and research & analysis is carried out in routine to justify these proposal of changes. One of the most wanted change as demanded by 100% Jawans is abolition of Sahayak/buddy system. In the name of Buddy/Sahayak/Helper, jawans upto the rank of Hav are deployed as domestic servant in the quarters of commissioned officers of the Indian Army.

In 21st Century, a Soldier never tollerate such a humiliation in Govt Jobs. Not only tradesman, the technical and clerical cadre soldiers also sometime deployed in such duties with strict order and there left no option to deny such duties with them. Several Ex-servicemen also agitated and protested against abolition of such british colonial system in Independent Indian Army.

The ESM organisations are not against the buddy system, but that buddy must belongs to the same gp/rank or similar cadre. A Sepoy never be a friend or buddy of a Capt/Major of Col etc. Firstly the name should be commensurate with the work profile. A buddy never be a servant in reality. In practice, it has been found that the officers attend the parade/office for 10 hours a day and the Jawans perform duties/parade for more than 16 hours a day. So, you cant justify that the officers are too busy…. . In other hand, the combatant clerical staff and some combatant technical staff/ tradesman attends office in Indian Army from Morning parde at 5 am to late night office upto 11 PM. So, if the domestic servant is justified, it must be considered for such Cadres who are in office for more than 15 hours a day in general, irrespective of rank and group.

In Indian Air Force and Indian Navy, the Sahayak/buddy system was never introduced and the airmen/sailors were never deployed as domestic servant at the quarter/home of officers. ESM association are hopeful they expect that the deployment of soldiers as diomestic servant at Commissioned Officer’s home must be examined by the appropriate level ad this system to be abolished as soon as possible. If such duties are inescapable and required be continued, specific manpower may be recruited for the purpose with formation of New Cadre named ” Domestic Assistant” or any other defined similar words and to be deployed in all the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces.

In this article we will discuss about the New Changes likely to be introduced within a couple of months in the Army. Uniform of Indian Army is an important factor of motivation and discipline of the soldiers. Since Independence, we have noticed several changes in the Uniform of Indian Army. Now, we will witness another change in the uniform of senior officers of the Indian Army.

According to the information disseminated by the defence authority and published in renowned daily, uniform of the senior officers of the rank of Brigadier and above will now be identical and no regimental Lanyard will be used by these ranks.

Lanyard is used by the soldiers of all ranks with their Ceremonial/official uniform since last 500 years. The colour of Lanyard denotes the regimental identity. As per existing practice, the Regimental shoulder badge is not worn by the senior officers and they are identified with their colour of Lanyard only.

According to the revised instructions regarding wearing of uniform, Lanyard will not be worn by the Senior Officers (Brig and above) w.e.f 01 Aug 2023.

According to the new system of wearing uniform, Senior officers (Brig & above) of all the Regiments/services of Indian Army will now be in one and universal uniform and they will not have any regimental sign/indication in their uniform.

You must know that In Indian Armed Forces, lanyards were used to fire the artillery piece or arm the fuse mechanism on an air-dropped bomb by pulling out a cotter pin when it leaves the aircraft. Mostly the layard is weared on left shoulder. However, in some decorated regiment of the Indian Army are allowed to wear the lanyard on right shoulder.

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