Internship Program in Rajya Sainik Board -Dependents of Exservicemen may Apply

Internship program is generally designed for in hand work experience during the learning process at college or technical or academic institutions. Rajya Sainik Board, Kolkata has taken an initiative to offer the College students to work with the Rajya sainik Board as internship Program. Detailed information is here. You may also visit the official websit of RSB West Bengal for details. The copy of the letter/circular is reproduced below –

Home & Hill Affairs Department (Defence Branch)
Block- IV, First Floor, Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-700 001

Tele : 033-2214 4643    Tele : 033-2214-1347          (M) : 6290033950                     E-Mail:

No    : 32/2023/ 1061 /RSB                                                       Dated :  16 Dec 2023

University/ Institute


1.         The West Bengal Rajya Sainik Board (WBRSB) invites applications for the first Internship Programme from the students across West Bengal pursuing UG/PG/M.Phil/Ph.D in different recognized Universities/Institutes.

2.         The details of the Internship Programme and procedure for application may be referred at the SOP for Internship Programme enclosed as Annexure-A. The application forms are required to be filled properly and completely. Applications must be forwarded by the Head of Department of the University/Institute (Applications sending individually on their own will be rejected). Applications which are not forwarded through the respective Head of Department of the University/Institute will also be rejected.

3.         WBRSB Internship Programme is only for students of University/Institutes and not for professionals engaged in any form of job.

4.         All applications should be submitted to this Board vide post addressed to The Administrative Officer, Rajya Sainik Board, West Bengal, Block-IV, 1st Floor, Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata-700001 or vide email at :

5.         The last date for receipt of the application is 01 Feb 2024.

                                                                                        Secretary Rajya Sainik Board Govt of West Bengal

Copy to:-
GOC Bengal Sub Area
GOC 111 Sub Area
Secretary KSB New Delhi
ADG DGR (East) Kolkata
Special Secretary Home & Hill Affairs Dept (Defence)
Director ECHS HQ Eastern Command
Veteran Cell HQ Bengal Sub Area and
HQ 111 Sub Area Director Army Placement Node (East)
Governor’s Sectt Raj Bhawan West Bengal




1.    West Bengal Rajya Sainik Board (WBRSB), was established in 1967 for assisting the Govt of West Bengal and Govt of India in co-ordinating the efforts in the field of post retirement documentations, welfare and re-settlement of Ex-Servicemen(ESM) and families of serving/ deceased personnel of the Armed Forces in West Bengal. The Board undertakes systematic studies of challenges and difficulties faced by ESM, disabled ESM, widows, families of servicemen and formulate solutions for the same. It is responsible for promoting the application of science and technology in improving and developing welfare and re-settlement programmes for the ESM and their dependents in West Bengal. The Board is also responsible to administer the Zila Sainik Boards (ZSB) in accordance with the rules and instructions prescribed by Govt of India and Govt of West Bengal. WBRSB has 14 ZSBs at Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Jalpaiguri, Cooch Behar, Malda, Dakhin Dinajpur, Mushidabad, Nadia, 24 Parganas (North), Kolkata, 24 Parganas (South), Howrah, Burdwan and Mednipur. WBRSB Directorate has the following branches:-

(a) Policy
(b) Post retirement documentation and Pension
(c) Employment and training
(d) Scholarship and Grants
(e) Welfare Schemes
(f)  Automation
(g) Accounts, Flag Day Fund, WBECRF and Special Fund
(h) Administration and Co-ordination
(i)  Greviences and RTI

2.   Period of Internship Internship program will be conducted for a period of 24 days.

3.     Eligibility Criteria The eligibility criteria for internship are as follows:

3.1. Students pursuing UG/PG/ M.Phil/ Ph.D. in the following subjects are eligible to apply

(i)       Psychology (PG/ M.Phil/ Ph.D)
(ii)      Social Work (PG/ M.Phil/ Ph.D)
(iii)     Law (UG/PG)
(iv)    Human Rights(PG/ M.Phil/ Ph.D)
(v)     Information Technology(UG/ PG)
(vi)    Defence Studies(PG/ M.Phil/ Ph.D)
(vii)   Management or Human Resources Studies (UG/ PG)

Schedule for Internship The schedule for the internship will be as follows :-

(a) Introductory Session – The interns will be introduced to the RSB, ZSB of Districts, Army, Navy, Air Force Veteran Cells/ Division, Director General of Resettlement (DGR). Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS), Army Placement Nodes (APN) and Ex-Servicemen Associations.

(c) Assigning of Projects – The interns will be assigned projects on Ex-Servicemen (Veteran) Affairs, War Widows and Battle/ Physical casualty soldiers related issues by the ZSB in which they will be attached.

(d) Field Visits – The interns will be sent for field visits to get exposure and first hand experience of the work done by ZSB, Army Veteran offices , ECHS, DGR, APN, Ex-Servicemen Associations and interact with servicemen/ ESM and widows in the Blocks and Boroughs. monitor post retirement needs of ESM/ widows, identify welfare needs of servicemen families staying back in their home towns and assist them in representing their cases with local Administration or Defence authorities. The work will include- ldentifing their challenges, needs, aspirations and recommending solutions and use IT to simplify the highlighted issues. To undertake this study they will have to visit the following places :-

(i) Veteran Cells of Armed Forces
(ii)   Ex-Servicemen Associations
(iii)  Residences of ESM, widows, disabled soldiers and servicemen
(iv)  Any other place relevant to welfare/resettlement of ex-servicemen
(v)   Ex- Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) polyclinics
(vi)  Pension paying banks/ Controller of Defence Accounts Salt Lake Kolkata
(vii) DGR(East) and APN Kolkata
(viii)   Hostels for war widows and their children

(e) Internship Report – The interns are required to submit the report on the tasks completed by them along with a report on field visits to the Nodal Officer for intern in the designated ZSB, which will in turn be put up to the RSB for compilation and analysis.

(f)  Valediction – On successful completion of the internship programme, the interns will be given certificates and mementos.

5.      Distribution of Interns – The distribution of 12 interns will be as follows :-

ZSBs/RSB                         No of Interns  No of Blocks/ Borough covered
(a)    05 x ZSBs                       10               05 Blocks in each Dist
(b)    RSB & ZSB Kolkata       02                04 Boroughs in KMC
Total      12

6. Programme Schedule for one month  :-

Ser No DivisionThe Interns will be attached in the RSB/ZSB for a period of 06 days to understand the functioning of RSB/ZSB, Veteran Cells of Armed Forces,ECHS, NGO working for veterans welfare and ex-servicemen Associations.Carryout field visits to Blocks/ Borough and write projects based on their interest and educational background.   Discussion on suggestions and analysis on reports, presentation and submission of project reportsValedictionTotal Duration   
1   06 days    
2   12 days
06 days
24 days


7.      Each ZSB will have a Nodal Officer for coordination and assigning of tasks to Interns. Rules and regulations governing Internship Programme:

7.1. The Interns will have to attend the programme regularly.

7.2, The daily attendance will be marked in a register/ attendance sheet.

8.    Facilities to Interns:

8.1. The Interns will be given Ex-Servicemen Welfare related reading materials/publications. 8.2. Computer with internet and printing facilities will be provided.

9.     Stipend: All selected interns will be paid stipend for an amount of Rs.4,000/- (Rupees Four Thousand only) for intership duration.

10.     The interns would be responsible for arrangements of their boarding and lodging in the place of internship, however if any sainik rest house is vacant then boarding for max six days may be provided.

11.    The Selection Committee will examine the applications in following parameters:-

a) Whether applications have been properly and completely filled.

b) Whether applications have been forwarded by the Head of the Department/University.

c) Whether applicants have fulfilled the eligibility criteria as indicated at point 3 in the SOP.

d) Whether all the requisite documents/mark sheets have been submitted with the application.

12,  The selected Interns will be notified by mail and phone call Admnistrative Officer Rajya Sainik Board Govt of West Bengal

Application for Internship Programme
(Incomplete applications are liable to be rejected)

Name of Applicant (in capital letters) 
Date of Birth 
Educational Qualification(in chronological orders from 12th onwards)(Enclose attested photocopies of mark sheet from 12th onwards and mark sheets of each semester of present pursuing course.)Board/ UniversityYear of PassingDivision &
Permanent address including Email id/Telephone No/Mobile No.Permanent Address :
Telephone/ Mobile No :
Email id :
Course currently    being pursuedalong with name of the Institution/ University, address and contact details.University/College Name & Address Contact No etc.Course NameYear/Semester
Reason for wanting to join the Internship Pragramme in WBRSB.   

Detailed infor-

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