SPARSH Pensioners Special Attention : Important Action after Migration 

System for Pension Administration Raksha (SPARSH) has been implemented for sanction and disbursement of Pension for all Defence pensioners.  Approx 31 Lakh pensioners have already been migrated to the SPARSH Portal for drawal of pension.  A large number of Defence Pensioners have submitted digital Life Certificates through SPARSH Portal using MLC or DLC options.  Once you have been migrated  to the SPARSH Portal, some mandatory action must be performed in order to get your pension every month smoothly.

  • “The aim of introducing SPARSH  is “Right Pension at Right Time” through a secure and reliable digital platform. 
The major features are:

▪ Centralized sanction, claim and disbursement of pension.
▪ Easy validation and rectification of data
▪ Digital process for pensioner identification.
▪ Real time tracking of grievances.

▪ The system would cater to all activities of the pension cycle namely:
• Initiation and Sanction 
• Disbursement 
• Revision 
• Service and Grievance Request Management 

How to Know Your Migration Status to SPARSH

• Visit SPARSH website: 
• Go to “Services” 
• Under ‘Track’, click on “Know Your SPARSH PPO and Identification Status” 
• Under ‘Unique Identifier’ click on “Select an Option” and select any of the following option 

  1.  Bank Account No. 
  2.  Personal No. 
  3. SPARSH No 
  4. E PPO No. 

    Now Enter the values as per the selected ‘Unique Identifier’. Click on “Search”. 

Once you have been migrated to SPARSH, the details of the pensioner will be generated to including the SPARSH PPO No.   In case not yet migrated, a message to this effect will pop up.

Immediately on migration to SPARSH system of Pension Disbursement, the pensioner should take following actions. 

The pensioner will be provided the login credentials on the mobile number and email id captured by the initiating agency. 

Username: SPARSH PPO Number with suffix as 01 for Service Pensioner and 02 for Family Pensioner 

Password: A system generated password through SPARSH website. In case no such message received, go to ‘Forget Password’ and new system generated password will be received. 

Once logged in, you will be prompted to create your own password and login. Remember this PASSWORD.

Personal Data Verification: PDV on SPARSH Portal

Using the system provided login credentials, the pensioner will be able to log on to the SPARSH Pensioner Portal for initiating the ‘verification of data’. 

After initial login a window showing PDV will appear. 

Personal data is made available in SPARSH Portal to facilitate the pensioner to scrutinize. 

Clicking on ‘next’ – ‘next’ – till the last pop up, it will take you to Aadhar based e-authentication through an OTP. 

Updating of Aadhar and PAN Cards.

After Login, Select ‘Manage Profile’ and update your Aadhar Card details else your digital life certificate (DLC) will not be updated 

Similarly in case your PAN card number is not updated, your income tax will continue to be deducted at specified flat rate. 

Note: In case there is mismatch in the Aadhar, flowing procedure be followed: 

Visit SPARSH website: 

 Go to “Services” • Under ‘Track’, click on “Update Aadhar” • Enter either of the options- SPARSH PPO No or Legacy PPO No in respective Boxes. • Click on “Verify & Proceed” • Enter Aadhar Number in the Box • Click on “Verify & Proceed” 

How to Updating Mobile No on SPARSH Portal

Visit SPARSH website: 

• Go to “Services” • Under ‘Track’, click on “Update Mobile” • Enter either of the options- SPARSH PPO No or Legacy PPO No in respective Boxes. 

• Under ‘Authentication Type’, Select “Aadhar” • Click on “Proceed” • Enter Aadhar Number in the Box • Click on “Send OTP” • You will get an OTP on your Aadhar registered mobile number. • Enter the Mobile Number to be updated.

How to Complete Identification (Life Certificate) on SPARSH Portal 

Submit Life Certificate/ Identify yourself using any one of the Following two methods by visiting DIAV or nearest Col Veterans/ CSC/ Bank: 

▪ Biometric enabled digital services (DLC- Digital Life Certificate). 

▪ Upload Manual Life Certificate- MLC. Note: In case you are unable to process the above actions yourself, please visit DIAV or your nearest Col Veterans/ Common Service Centre (CSC) at DPDO/ ZSB/ ESM Cells/ Records Office/ Nominated Bank Branches for any assistance and ensure that these actions are completed without any delay.  

Note : SPARSH has no such boundation that you should submit Life certificate in November.  You can submit Life certificate as and when due throughout the year.


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