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Family Pension Entitlement Rules for NOK of Exservicemen

Family pension is entitled to NOK of Exservicemen after passing away of the veteran.  Here are the eligibility criteria for getting family pension in various situations. A comprehensive knowledge of Family pension eligibility may help us to guide our next generation so that when we will be nore in this world they should not be in trouble to get their leitimate rights.

Family Pension for Wife of ESM

Wife of exserviceman is eligible  for Pension irrespective of her personal income, job, status and age. To get family pension, one should keep the documentation updated.  Name and date of birth must be updated in the PPO as per other documents i.e  PAN card,  Aadhar card, EPIC Card, Bank Account.  Name and DOB of the wife should be entered in the PPO.  In the SPARSH Portal you may update the name and DOB of the wife and it will be included in the PPO with a corrigendum PPO.  If the exservicemen has joint bank account and name of wife mentioned in the PPO, after his passing away family pension can be started from the very next month just after reporting and initiating Family pension through SPARSH PPO.  The entire process is online and there is no need to wait for ZSB or the Record Office. 

OROP-3 Pension Table Effective from 01.07.2024 Applicable for Sep to Sub Maj Hony Lt & Capt

Family Pension for Children of ESM

After death of Exserviceman and his Wife, their children are eligible to get Family Pension in the order of Dates of Birth.  Senior most will get preference.  After 25 Years of age, son will not be eligible.  Unmarried daughter will continued to get family pension till her date of marriage.

Note: Eldest child will get pension first till 25 yrs of age. Then next child will get till 25 yrs of age and likewise….after that Disabled child or Unmarried Daughter will get pension. 

Family pension for Unmarried/Widowed/Divorcee Daughter

They are eligible for Family Pension subject to certain clauses. In this regard please read this article as link below.

Know details in DESW Website –

Family pension for Disabled Child 

Disability should be more than 40% and permanent in nature. Child should not be able to earn livelihood on his/her own certified by CH/MH by a Board of Officers.  

Family pension for Parents 

Parents of unmarried soldiers, who expire while in Service will be eligible for Pension subject to certain clauses. First mother will get pension and in absence of mother the father will get. 

Family pension for Brother and Sister (Siblings)

Unmarried Brothers and Sisters of unmarried soldiers, who expires while in Service will be eligible for Pension till they become major.

Family pension for Second Wife’s of ESM

After Divorce or Death of first wife, if ESM get re-married, then his Second wife’s Name will not be endorsed in the PPO till all children of First Wife become intelligible.  In case of  unfortunate death of ESM, before children of First Wife became Intelligible for Pension, the Second Wife and Children of First Wife will get 50% pension each. 

When Children of First Wife will become ineligible for Family Pension ?

(a) Son: If his age is more than 25 yrs or he earns more than ₹9000/- pm or he gets married. In these cases he will not get Family Pension. 

(b) Daughter: If she gets married or earns more than ₹9000/-pm then she will NOT be eligible for Pension. 

(c) Disabled Child: Disabled Child of ESM/Widows will always be eligible for Family Pension irrespective of age and Marital status but should not earn more than₹9000/- pm. 

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