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A Big Shock to Central Govt Employees Soldiers Paramilitary Railways etc even after SC’s Decision

Lakhs of Central Government employees got a big boost due to a judgment of the Supreme Court which came out just a few days ago and according to that judgment, it was decided that the Central Government employees would get financial benefits. 

It is important to know that this fight was going on since 2002 and during the fight regarding this court case, they knocked on the doors of many courts in this manner. They first went to Madras High Court, then to Gujarat High Court, then to Allahabad and Madhya Pradesh High Court, Orissa High Court. This battle was fought in this manner and after going deep, they won at Supeme Court on 11 April 2023.

Now after this, when it became final from the Court side, now comes the turn at the ministry level and at the department level, i.e. from the ministry to the departments. Now letters had to be issued to every department regarding its implementation. The employees started getting shock here. How will they know this now? The order for its implementation was issued on January 18, 2024 and was issued by the office of the comptroller and auditor general of India.

And the second letter issued after this was issued by CPWD i.e. Central Public Work Department for its implementation on 20th February 2024. And as the action is taken by the concerned ministry, letters are also to be issued by the departments and after that it is implemented. Now take a look at the contents of this letter:-

What was the issue? First let’s talk about the issue. The issue was that when an employee works for a full month and then as soon as the next day comes, he gets an increment. So he should get increment the next day, but if he retires the next day, he does not get increment.

Now when do we get increment? As you all know, increments are available from 1st January and 1st July. That means, if someone retires on 30th June or 31st December, he should get increment on the next day, but he gets retired on the next day, hence he gets increment. The fight for the same started from 2002, and as the case was filed in CAT, it went to higher courts and finally to the Supreme Court, where the decision came in favor of the employees.

So now it has become mandatory for them to get this benefit, and for this, different departments will issue their respective letters. This letter has been issued whose subject is – grant of notional increment as due on 1st January and 1st July, the officers, public employees, superannuated on 31st December, 30th June and revision of pensionary benefit, i.e., the employees who are officers or employees.

They are retiring on this date, i.e. 30th June and 31st December, they will get an increment, this order was issued by them, and in this the whole story is what CAT said, what order was given by the High Court and what is the Supreme Court.  Who fought the case, that’s the whole matter. But what is the conclusion, point number eight is written, Accordingly, the matter was sent for the approval of MoHUA, i.e. Ministry of Housing Urban Affairs, it went here because it is the competent authority, and what was approved from here. 

What was approved was that the judgment was of CAT, that is, first of all the judgment came from CAT, after that it went to different High Courts, it was also accepted by the Supreme Court, and what is written on it, that there is national increment, petitioner, the word has been added here, they are petitioners, those who have fought the case, they should be given this increment. This means that those who have not fought the court case, who have not participated in it, will not get the benefit of it. 

Those who come under these, for their employees, this benefit will be available only to those who have fought the case, or who have been members of the party in the case, because here, therefore, the concerned offices of CPWD, where the CPWD petitioner were. posted at the time of their retirement, they are advised to implement the order and give them this increment after verification. 

So from here, the order has been given in this manner to follow it, now look at the second order which is of 18th January, the office of the comptroller and auditor general, what they have said, this is also a matter of great interest, and What should be seen, subject – grant of national increment to the central government employee, retiring from service on 30 June and 31 December, what they said, reference to the letter, see, the real thing, the said benefit shall be granted only to those Officials who have retired or who will be retiring from service after the date of orders of the honorable supreme court, i.e. the order was given by the supreme court on 11 April 2023. 

This increment should be given to those who have retired after this day, or are about to retire, i.e. 30th June 2023 onwards, after April 30th onwards, all these employees, i.e. those here He said that this department of the central government has to provide this benefit to all the employees who are retiring after the day the Supreme Court order came. That is, an order has come from two departments, an order has been given, one department has said that those who fought the case in the court, who were petitioners, should be given benefits, not the rest, and they have said that the Supreme Court Those who are retiring after the order, should get their benefits. 

Now in the same way, other ministries and other departments will also have their own orders, and their implementation will be done according to the manner in which the orders come. This means that lakhs of employees who were looking forward to this case and were happy after hearing the order of the Supreme Court, will not get the benefit. What this means is, how can maximum revenue be saved, despite the Supreme Court order, how can it be curtailed. Now this biggest blow is for those employees who say that whatever benefit others get, we will also get it. 

If a policy like this is made for others, my name will also be included in it, but this is not happening now. The way this order was given, the order was given only for the petitioner, despite the order of the Supreme Court, that is, if you did not go earlier, then now you will go to the court, now you will have to make rounds. What will happen after that, if you wake up earlier and do all the work together, then it is possible that you will not have to fight such a long battle, the decision will also come quickly, and those who had to spend unnecessarily will also If you have to bear less expenses, everyone can contribute a little bit together and can easily fight the case by hiring a very good lawyer. 

If there are any anomalies of any kind, and you feel that they should go to Court , then more and more people should come together and go there, in the near future. It may be expected that, within the coming one or two months, these office memorandums and letters will come out from different ministries, different departments, and then we will know how much trouble is being faced by whom and where. Whose lottery is opening, and where else one will have to look further towards other or you will have to approach the judiciary again.

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