Ex-servicemen may Purchase Liquor and Grocery from any CSD ?

This question very often comes to our mind when we are in other military station. It is very often heard that the URCs not allowed the ESM or serving pers on leave to get grocery and Liquor. To manage with such issues, the Govt authority has decided that the JCos/OR/Offrs and all veterans can draw grocery and Liquor items from any Unit Run canteen / Stn canteen of the country irrespective of the place of residence / service station.

In this article the original letter of QMG Branch, CSD Dte is reproduced below :-

ASCON: 33971 Tele: 26181621 

                                                                                   Integrated HQ of MoD (Army)
                                                                                  Quartermaster General’s Branch
                                                                                   Canteen Services Directorate 
                                                                                   West Block-Ill, Wing-III, R K Puram, 
                                                                                   New Delhi-110066 

No 95350/Q/DDGCS/Policy                                       01 Jun 2023 

As per Distribution List 

                          PURCHASE OF GROCERY AND LIQUOR FROM URCs  

1.     Refer CS Dte letters No 95350/Q/DDGCS/Policy dated 01 Jun 2018 and 95350/Q/DDGCS/Advisory dated 18 Aug 2021. 

2.     With immediate effect, all CSD beneficiaries are permitted to purchase grocery and liquor as per their entitlement, from any URC. No URC will deny sale of grocery and liquor to an entitled CSD beneficiary holding a valid CSD Smart Card. This policy will be reviewed after six months (01 Dec 2023) based on success of the project and capability of certain URCs to absorb additional beneficiaries. 

3.    However, the system of nomination of a dependent URC for ESM by their Station HQ will continue for the purpose of forecasting demands and claiming ADLRS. The demands will be based on server generated dependency only. 4. The contents of this letter may please be disseminated to all fmns/ Units/ URCs for strict compliance and wide dissemination to beneficiaries. 

4.    This letter supersedes all previous instructions on the subject.  

                                                                                                                  (APS Chahal)
                                                                                                                  Brig CS
                                                                                                                  for QMG  

Distribution List :-
HQ Northern Command (OL) HO Western Command (OL) HO Central Command (OL) HQ ARTRAC (0) HQ IDS, HQ SFC, HQ ANC HQ DG Assam Rifles E-in-C Branch, DAD HO DG NSG. HO SFF All Sub Area HOs 

Copy to:- DoD/D(CSD) , HQ Southern Command (OL) HQ Eastern Command (OL) HQ South Western Command (OL) Naval HQ (PDPS), Air HQ (Accts) HQ Coast Guard (AD) DGNCC (Lys), DRDO (DMS) DGBR (Q), DGQA, DIAV All Corps HQ,
All Area HQ All RR Force HQ – For information please.