ECHS Members important documents

All ECHS Members Must Possess these Documents- Note it Now

ECHS members are provided  the treatment facility in the Parent Poly Clinic and Empaneled Hospitals / Diagnostic Centres.  There are 427 Polyclinics (excluding 6 Polyclinics in Nepal) in 30 Regional Centres sanctioned by the Government, ECHS Polyclinics are designed to provide ‘Out Patient Care’ which includes consultation, essential investigation and provision of medicines.

The ECHS system is managed through the existing infrastructure of the Armed Forces so as to minimize the administrative expenditure. The existing infrastructure includes command and control structure, spare capacity of Service Medical facilities (Hospitals and Medical Inspection Rooms), procurement organization for medical and non-medical equipment, Defence land and buildings etc. Station Commanders assisted by Senior Executive Medical Officers (SEMO) exercise direct control over the ECHS Polyclinics.

Every day we very often found the negative comments on the treatment /services provided by the ECHS which can be minimised with spreading awareness among the members of the ECHS i.e  Beneficiaries and Service providers (operating staff and doctors/ health care assistants/ administrative staffs). 

Training is an important aspect to make any service organisation better.  ECHS staffs are never put on any sort of training regarding how to deal with retired soldiers/senior citizens. We may expect such an initiative by CO, ECHS New Delhi in near future if the beneficiaries put the demand accordingly in the right suitable platform.

All ECHS members are provided medical services through parent polyclinics in a station. To ensure optimum utility of the ECHS facility by the members these documents/information must be kept always ready and updated with all ECHS members. 

List of Documents – Must Keep with All ECHS members

(a) Tele No of OIC Polyclinic/ SO ECHS Stn HQ.

(b) A list of documents required for submission to ECHS Polyclinic for reimbursement in case of availing an emergency treatment in as non empanelled hosp.

(c) List of empanelled facilities in the Stn.

(d) Smart Card / valid online Temp slip.

Mistake in Life Certificate Submission Process by Banks for SPARSH Pensioners
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