How to get New PPO Number without SPARSH User ID Password

sparsh life certificate without id password

New PPO Number Must for SPARSH Pensioners Life Certificate

It has been found that a large number of veterans have been migrated to SPARSH during the last week of Oct 2023.  They have not received their user ID and Password.  In such cases, they are confused  about how to submit Life certificate without access to their SPARSH profile.

Process to Reveal SPARSH PPO Number without USER ID and Password

Solution is here.  Still you can submit your life certificate to SPARSH through Jeevan Praman using your SPARSH PPO.  So, lets know , if user ID and password are not coming from SPARSH, then how to get SPARSH PPO and submit life certificate?

You have received a message from the bank that your account has been transferred by SPARSH. But then did not get any message from PCDA SPARSH. User ID, password and SPARSH PPO number not received. What to do if this happens:-

Step-1: First login to the SPARSH website.
Access the SPARSH website :-

Step-2: Click on Service.

Step-3: Click on “Know Your SPARSH PPO & Identification Status.”

Step-4: Then enter the service number of the former soldier and pension bank account number. Then enter the captcha code.

Step-5: Next click on “Search” button.

Step-6 : You will see SPARSH EPPO number. Add suffix 01 for veterans and 02 for family pensioner – This is your user ID.

Step-7 : Then again on SPARSH  website, login with SPARSH EPPO number as your user ID (must add suffix).

Step-8 : Since you have not received the password from the SPARSH, click on “Forget Password”.

Step-9: After doing this, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number linked to your SPARSH or pension account.

Step-10: Once you enter that OTP, the password will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Step-11: Now you have both User ID and Password. So log in to the SPARSH portal with these.

Step-12: Then click on Change Password and create a password of your choice.

Step-13: Now you have the SPARSH User ID which is your EPPO number added with suffix (01 or 02 as the case may be) and password created by you.

Step-14: Now login and view SPARSH PPO. Download it.

Step-15: Now you can submit your annual identification or life certificate on your home computer by entering a biometrics, pressing your finger and entering your SPARSH PPO number.

Note: Submit Life Certificate in SPARSH. Similarly, the life certificate must be submitted by 30/11/2023. Otherwise, the pension will stop from December.

You may purchase the Biometric device MFS 100 for Life Certificate submission as it is required every year. The device that works good is available on amazon may be bought by clicking here- MFS 100 mantra Biometric Finger Print Scanner Device

Hopefully, by following this message, those who have not received their user ID and password will also be able to get SPARSH PPO and submit Life Certificate or Life Authentication.

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