Mistake in Life Certificate Submission Process by Banks for SPARSH Pensioners

wrong input in sparsh life certificate

As per instructions of PCDA (P) Allahabad, Banks will accept your Life Certificate for further process to SPARSH. In the event of wrong or defective process, the Life Certificate will not be reached to SPARSH which may result to stoppage of your pension. Based on the feedback received from some veterans and family pensioners, it has been found that the Banks has proceeded some erroneous Life Certificate which caused non compliance of instructions of Submission of Life Certificate. Ultimately, the Life certificate has not been digitally received by SPARSH. You should login to SPARSH portal and check if your life certificate updated upto next one year or not i e November 2024.

The SPARSH portal is now working fine and you may submit digital or MLC life certificate on it any time.

Some veterans have shown me the copy of their life certificate which clearly mentioned that the Life certificate has been submitted to the Bank.  Most possible reason is that the SPARSH PPO Number and other details of Defence pension sanction/disbursement by PCDA SPARSH has not been added in the Portal while submitting Life Certificate.

Must ensure that your New SPARSH PPO Number, sanctioning authority and disbursing agency has been changed to SPARSH PCDA Allahabad. In some cases in the Jeevan Praman Portal, after submitting life certificate it is shown that “Your Life certificate has been successfully submitted to Bank. It is not correct for SPARSH Pensioners. Your Life Certificate status must be as “Life Certificate has been processed and subject to acceptance by SPARSH”. When again contacted to the Bank it has been found that the Banks have given wrong input while submitted Life Certificate through Jeevan Praman.   The details of mistake is given as under 👍

Correct procedure of Life Certificate process through Jeevan Praman

At most of the cases some banks have erroniously mentioned the Pension sanctioning authority as per concerned Wings of the Armed Forces i.e JCDA , Air Force, New Delhi, Subroto Park for Air Force and ,  CDA (Navy), Mumbai for Navy which is absolutely wrong and this results to non submission of Life certificate to SPARSH.  The correct input to be given is as below :-  

For all Armed Forces Pensioners/Family Pensioners please choose the correct option as mentioned below-

(a) Category : Central Govt. 

(b) Pension Sanctioning Authority : Defence-PCDA(P) Allahabad.  (for Veterans/Family Pensioners of all wings of the Armed forces)

(c) Pension Disbursing Agency : SPARSH-PCDA(P) Allahabad.
(for Veterans/Family Pensioners of all wings of the Armed forces)

(Please do not select JCDA, Air Force New Delhii or CDA Navy for Airforce and Navy pensioners)

If SPARSH is not available in dropdown, please request operator to remove the application program and reinstall the same. 

(d) PPO No. Only 12 digit ePPO or SPARSH PPO No to be punched. If the same is not available with the pensioner due to any reason, please confirm it from SPARSH Website check migration status into SPARSH’. Search by Regimental No is a convenient option, however, zero should be added in beginning to seven digit Army Nos. 

(e) It is easier to download and install the Jeevan Praman / Face RD app on mobile which facilitates face recognition authentication of Aadhaar and no biometric finger print/ iris scanner device is required. For further details, visit official website of SPARSH.

Information source – Handbook of SPARSH available at official website of Indian Army Veterans – https://www.indianarmyveterans.gov.in/PDF/SPARSH%20Advisories/SPARSH_Handbook-compressed.pdf

JPP is the best suited platform to submit Digital Life Certificate (DLC) in respect of Aadhaar seeded PPOs. However, DLC should be submitted as a ‘New Pensioner’ otherwise system picks up old values like PPO No, PDA etc on punching of mob No due to which the same cannot be exported to SPARSH. Details of life certificate process is also available in official website of SPARSH. https://sparsh.defencepension.gov.in/

PCDA Circular No 616 – Grant of Medical Allowance to All ranks of Ex-serviceman in lieu of ECHS benefit

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