List of Members : Not Eligible to avail ECHS benefits

List of Members : Not Eligible to avail ECHS benefits

ECHS facility is extened to the beneficiaries subject to fulfilment the eligibility criteria. As per SOP for eligibility of ECHS members, all associated persons of a former Armed Frmed Forces Officers/JCOs/OR are not entitled to get treatment benefit. In this article we will discuss the ineligible persons who cant avail ECHS benefit are here :-

List of ineligible members for availing benefits of ECHS as per SOP is given under:-

(a)    Whole time NCC offrs who do not meet the twin conditions of being an ESM and in receipt of pension.
(b)    Legally divorced spouse.
(c)    Married and/or employed daughter/ and any child whose total monthly income from all sources is more than Rs 9000/- + DA pm thereon..

(d)    Sons above 25 yrs of age or who have started earning or get married whichever is earlier.
(e)    Parents of widows/ war widow.
(f)     Husband of a remarried war widow including children born from him.
(g)    ESM drawing only disability element (without service/ retiring pension) cannot be considered as pensionary award. Hence, such types of ESM are ineligible for ECHS facility.

(h)    Ex-cadets/ disabled cadets who were boarded out on medical grounds do not have ESM status. Hence, ECHS facility is not considered.
(j)    Step Parents are not eligible for ECHS benefits.

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