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Ways to Confirm Your Life Certificate Accepted by SPARSH or Not

Have you received any SMS or email from SPARSH regarding Life Certificate acceptance Confirmation after your MLC/DLC submitted through Bank/Jeevan Praman or SPARSH ? if the answer is Yes, then you have no issue. In the event of non receipt of any confirmation from the PCDA (P) / SPARSH regarding your submission of Life Certificate for 2023, you should follow the actions as discussed below.

Various Means of Life Certificate

According to the Govt advisory released by MoD through PCDA (P), Prayagraj, Defence pensioners should submit their identification/life certificate directly to SPARSH and also may submit their Life certificate through Bank till next 5 years. In addition you may submit Life certificate through Jeevan Praman portal using finger print device or Face authentication at your own. Whatever the ways you have adopted, if it has been followed the correct procedure and addressed digitally to SPARSH, it must be accepted by the PCDA , Team SPARSH.

Prevent Mistakes in Life Certificate Submission

In the event of wrong ways of submission of Life Certificate, your Life certificate will not be granted/accepted by SPARSH and your identification will be shown Pending. As a result your pension payment may be stopped after December 2023.

So, you should confirm now whether your Life certificate has been submitted to SPARSH or not. The detailed process of how to confirm – your Life certificate has been submitted to SPARSH or not- you may follow the article mentioned below :-

How to Check Your Life Certificate Submitted to SPARSH or Not

Steps to Rectify your mistakes and Get Confirmation Msg from SPARSH

It may be expected that your pension has been migrated to SPARSH. All SPARSH pensioners should complete their identification / Life Certificate submission process latest by 30 Nov 2023 or as per his/her due date for yearly identification / Life Certificate. To get your due date of Life certificate/identification, you may check it from your SPARSH Profile. Just login to your profile and click on Life certificate/identification button. Your next due date for Life Certificate/identification will be shown here. Now act accordingly.

Many Defence pensioners have submitted their Identification/Life certificate in Bank / through Cyber cafe or any other means. As per norms SPARSH will accept identification/Life certificate you have submitted in any means but the submission process should be correct. In many cases, Pensioners have not mentioned their SPARSH PPO Number, in some cases failed to mention Pension sanctioning authority and disbursement authority – SPARSH PCDA (Pension) Allahabad.

All such mistakes will lead to rejection of the Life certificate by SPARSH and your identification status will be shown pending. So what to do ? Just follow the article mentioned above and put your Life certificate in correct way. It is preferred that you should buy a device (MFS Fing Print Biometric Device) and keep it with you which will help you to put Life certificate digitally & error free direct to SPARSH from home for life. The device costs Rs 2000/- around and it will reduce your tension for submission of Life certificate for life. To buy the machine online from Amazon you may check it here – Fingerprint Biometric Device –

Confirm Your Life Certificate Accepted by SPARSH & Get Pension Regularly

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