How to Check Your Life Certificate Submitted to SPARSH or Not

Most of the veterans have already submitted their Life certificate through the various means as suitable and available. Have you confirmed that your life certificate has reached/ submitted to SPARSH or not ? Check it here. In this article you will come to know the process – so that you will be able to check if your life certificate has been reached to SPARSH or not.

Whatever the means you have adopted to submit your life certificate for the current year, you will be able to check if the DLC or MLC life certificate have been submitted to the SPARSH by the collecting agency – i.e Bank / Jeevan Praman Portal / direct to SPARSH Portal etc.

Step by step process to check the present status of your life certificate that you have already submitted to Bank or Jeevan Praman portal through electronic means.

Step-1 – Login to your SPARSH Portal using credential – user ID and Password issued by PCDA (P). In the right hand side you will find a tab “Life Certificate / identification”

Step -2 – Click on the life certificate / identification button and you will find a detailed information as shown below :-

Now you should check your latest Life certificate submission date and next due date. Next due date should be November 2024. If everything is found correct, its fine. If not found updated, you should resubmit Life certificate through Jeevan praman / SPARSH or through Bankwith proper way so that it should reach the SPARSH portal.

You will also get an SMS From PCDA within 2 working days as mentioned below :

Dear Subedar xxxx, Pensioner ID: 205201202984 Your identification process has been approved as on 18-Nov-2023 To view the details, log on to For assistance, contact your RO/SHQ or Call 18001805325 during office hours 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (Monday to Friday). PCDA (Pensions) .

If you are not capable to check your SPARSH Profile at your own, please visit your nearest SPARSH service centre as details available below :-