Additional Medical Benefits Over and Above ECHS : Details here

Medical coverage is one of the most emergent services required for everyone in this era.  To ensure 100% coverage and suitability, ECHS is not sufficient.  It has been noticed that a majority of health and family conscious veterans used to purchase medical insurance which serves their purpose beside a tax savings options. Private Medical insurances are too costly and considering the facts, AFGIS has introduced medical insurance scheme for Air Veterans.

AFGIS is contemplating to introduce a competitive health insurance scheme along with OPD cover to the Air veterans & families in addition to the existing medical arrangements.

Advantage of a supplementary Medical Insurance Scheme

The advantage of having a supplementary Medical Insurance Scheme is that it complements the existing arrangements (i.e., Service hospitals & ECHS) and provides enhanced satisfaction levels by providing a better and convenient way for addressing the health related expenditure of self and families. In addition, there is an added advantage of tax benefit under Section 80D for an amount of ₹ 25,000/- for age group under 60 years and for an amount of ₹ 50,000/- for age group above 60 years. Also the benefit an individual gets on OPD cover along with tax benefit itself is more than the proposed premium under the scheme.

The Group concept is a corner stone in any insurance scheme makes it solvent and viable. In health insurance also there are various benefits which a beneficiary will get as part of the group concept. Some of these advantages are listed below: –

  • One premium for all group members irrespective of age of member.
  • Floater cover for family i.e. the OPD limit and insurance cover is for entire family whenever any of the members needs it he/she can avail within overall limit of insurance.
  • No minimum waiting period, Policy to become operational from 1st day.
  • No medical examination.
  • Above all competitive premiums which are much cheaper than individual plans.

The key elements of the advantages of the plan being offered by AFGIS vis-à-vis plans offered by the companies are:-

Veterans Medical Insurance Scheme benefits

ElementsFor Air Veterans
Cover for 1 yearYes
Floater Policy as per family definitionYes
Hospitalisation expensesYes
Pre-post Hospitalisation expenses (30/60)Yes
No room rent cappingYes
No co-payYes
Ambulance coverYes
Day care proceduresYes
Health assistance servicesYes
Tele consultationYes
OPD cover (reimbursement)Yes
Pre Existing Diseases(PED)1  Year    Waiting    Period    (Any hospitalization due to pre existing medical condition for undergoing medication)
Maternity cover (Max 50k) Normal/ C-SectionNo

Baby cover from day 1No
Covers unmarried dependent children till 21 YrsNo
Base Plan Option 13,00,000 Hospital cover
+ 10,000 OPD
5,00,000 Hospital cover +
10,000 OPD
Premium (1 Adult)24,08930,110
Premium (2 Adults)34,68743,358
Base Plan Option 23,00,000 Hospital cover
+ 15,000 OPD
5,00,000 Hospital cover +
15,000 OPD
Premium (1 Adult)29,98936,010
Premium (2 Adults)40,58749,258
Base Plan Option 33,00,000 Hospital cover
+ 20,000 OPD
5,00,000 Hospital cover +
20,000 OPD
Premium (1 Adult)35,88941,910
Premium (2 Adults)46,48755,158
Note: Pre-Existing Diseases (PED) to be covered after 1 year for Retirees on renewal.

How to Join the Medical Insurance Scheme

You may submit your willingness and choice of option (1/2/3) along with your service number via email to or know more at at the earliest for subscribing to the Scheme.


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