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Book a Defence Holiday Home to visit any tourism Place in India

Visit to beautiful tourist place is quite expensive now. Indian Army has introduced the Sainik Guest houses in all major tourist places/pilgrimages in India. Army Welfare related initiative has been taken to facilitate the low cost or free guest hous in such important tourist spots of India. Once you have decided to visit some tourist place in India, dont need to worried about the cost.

Holiday homes for defence personnel is extrealy low cost and pocket friendly. Besides this, due to administered by the defence authority it is safer than the civil hotels/guest houses. You may now book a Defence Holiday Home to visit any tourism Place in India among the 27 cities. Defence Serving personnel and Retired soldiers, airmen and sailors may avail the benefits of low cost Holiday Homes as those are exist at a number of hill stations and tourist places.

Before searching for the best holiday homes, it is advised that a detailed enquiry regarding availability and facilites provided at the holiday homes Details of most of stations where you may book a holiday home is given here –

Tourism Station – Darjeeling WB

Accommodation available forOffrs – 09 JCOs – 02 OR – 06
Contact details for bookingFor Brig Controlled by Q Br HQ 33 Corps Mil Tel 2646/ 2752 Colonel and below Offrs – HQ 27 Mountain Division Q Branch Mil Tele 2446/2448 JCOs /ORs HQ 123 Mountain Brigade (Station Cell Jalapahar)
Mil Tele 2240/2204 AQMG(Ops & Maint), HQ 33 Corps, C/O 99 APO
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Jaipur

Accommodation available forOffrs – 36 JCOs – 14 OR – 14
Contact details for bookingHQ South Western Command. Contact Col Q Works II. Mil Tele – 2739/2978 or OIC Holiday Home at 0141-2360339 and Mil Tele 6080.
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Kasauli

Accommodation available forOffrs – 15
Contact details for bookingHQ Western Command and Stn HQ Kasauli control 04 and 11 suites respectively and can be contacted at Mil Tele 2750/2752 (Comd HQ) and 6242 (Stn HQ)
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Kausuni

Accommodation available forJCOs /OR – 04
Contact details for bookingHQ Dehradun Sub Area, Uttarakhand
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Kolkata

Accommodation available forOfficers – 04
Contact details for bookingAQMG(Ops), HQ East Command, Kolkotta
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Leh

Accommodation available forOfficers – 07
Contact details for bookingHQ 14 Corps, C/O 56 APO, Mil Tele 2750
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Mt Abu

Accommodation available forOfficers – 04 JCOs/OR – 16
Contact details for bookingSSO Mt Abu, Adhoc Station HQ Mt Abu, Rajasthan Offrs may contact HQ 12 Corps at Tele. 4200122345 and JCO/Ors may contact at Tele. 4420302005. Mil Tele 2128/2008/2011 for HQ 12 RAPID/ Station HQ Mount Abu.
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Mussoorie

Accommodation available forOfficers – 10 JCOs/OR – 12
Contact details for bookingHQ Uttarakhand Sub Area Q Branch. Contact Holiday Home Arcadia & Mandakini. Mil Tele- 6212 and Civ Tele 0135-2706212
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Nainital

Accommodation available forOfficers – 40 JCOs – 07 /OR – 10
Contact details for bookingHQ Uttar Bharat Area (Q) Branch, C/O ARRC, Nainital Tele Mil 6181 and Civ 0581-2406181
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Ooty

Accommodation available forOfficers – 19
Contact details for bookingRatan Tata Holiday Home, C/O HQ MRC, Wellington Tele Mil. 2601. Civ 0423-24422165

Tourism Station – Agra

Accommodation available forJCO – 04 OR – 12
Contact details for bookingStation HQ Agra Tele Mil – 2102 Civ Tele – 05622-452109
SPARSH Smart Card will be issued to all Defence Pensioners

Tourism Station – Amritsar

Accommodation available forOffrs – 04 JCO – 06 OR – 12
Contact details for bookingHQ 15 Inf Div, C/O 56 APO

Tourism Station – Bambolim

Accommodation available forJCO – 07
Contact details for bookingOIC Army Holiday Home, 5 TTR (HQ 2 STC), Bambolim, Goa – 1 Mil Tele 6770 and Civ Tele-225870, 227182 Extn 509
Additional Info03 rooms controlled by HQ MG & G Area and 04 rooms by 2 STC
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Palani

Accommodation available forOfficers – 04
Contact details for bookingPalm Grove Holiday Home, Idduman Koil Road, Palani (Tamil Nadu)Tele. 04525251100 and Tele. 04232237898 (MRC, Wellington)
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Palchan, Manali

Accommodation available forOfficers – 09 JCO – 12 OR 30
Contact details for bookingHQ 21 Sub Area, Mil Tele 6208.
Additional Info

Tourism Station – Panaji

Accommodation available forTotal 31
Contact details for booking16 rooms controlled by HQ MG & G Area and 15 rooms by HQ 2 STC, Mil Tele – 6506, 6661, 6770/6508.

Tourism Station – Puri

Accommodation available forOffrs – 08 JCOs – 04 OR – 08
Contact details for bookingManaged by Central Command and controlled by Stn HQ Bhubaneshwar. Tele Mil 460125-6214 and Civil 0771-2575040/ 2575015/ 2575045 More Information can be accessed on its Booking can be done on phone number 06752-231177. Per day charges are :- Officer – Rs-300/- JCOs – Rs-200/- Ors – Rs-100/- Civilians paid out of Defence Estimates Officer equivalents – Rs-400/- JCO equivalents – Rs-300/- OR equivalents – Rs-200/-

Tourism Station – Ranikhet

Accommodation available forOffrs – 07 JCOs – 05
Contact details for bookingHoliday Home, Stn HQ Ranikhet Tele Mil. 2002. Civ 05966-222045

Tourism Station – Rishikesh

Accommodation available forOffrs – 01 JCOs/ OR – 02
Contact details for bookingHQ Dehradun Sub Area, Uttarakhand

Tourism Station – Shillong

Accommodation available forOffrs – 12 JCOs – 03 OR – 11
Contact details for bookingContact for Officers booking No 2 Air Maintenance Cell (HQ 101 Area) Tele Mil 6249/6087 and Civil 0364-2300090 Contact for JCOs/ORs booking HQ 101 Area (EME Branch) OIC Holiday Home, HQ 101 Area, C/O 99 APO

Tourism Station – Shimla

Accommodation available forOffrs – 04
Contact details for bookingHQ Western Command and Stn HQ Shimla control 01 and 03 suites respectively and can be contacted at Mil Tele 2750/2752 (Comd HQ) and 6242 (Stn HQ). You may contact Q Branch, HQ PH and HP Area, Ambala, Haryana also for booking.

Tourism Station – Srinagar

Accommodation available forOffrs – 12 JCOs – 15
Contact details for bookingHQ 15 Corps/Stn HQ Srinagar, J&K, Mil Tele 2754/2397

Tourism Station – Shirdi

Accommodation available forOffrs – 05 JCOs – 03 OR – 02 (Dormitory)
Contact details for bookingSaigrah, Sainik Aramgrah Shirdi, Tele. 02423-257477 (Adm Branch HQ MIRC, Tele 3146). Please go through the information at bottom of the page before visiting.

Tourism Station – Tirupati

Accommodation available for18 + 10 (Dormitory)
Contact details for bookingTirumala Tirupati Sainik Niwas, Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh, Tele 08772277007, Fax. 04425361252 (HQ ATNK&K Area

In addition to these defence persons may avail the facility of the holiday homes managed and controlled by the Ministry of Urban Development (Directorate of Estates and CPWD). You may know about details of these holiday homes here in the following link – Holiday Homes of Central Government.

Terms and Conditions for the Holiday Homes of Central Government may be accessed by clicking the link below:-

Locations of Holiday Homes of Central Government

Sainik Guest House at Delhi

Golden Palm Sainik Bhawan


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