SPARSH Pensioners Facing Difficulties : Find a Solution Here.

Due to some system fault, SPARSH Pensioners are facing difficulties light.  We will find a solution fir it in today’s discussion. When we suggest  and facilitate veterans and family pensioners to download their pension slip on the SPARSH portal without having proper accessibility interface in the  portal, the pennsionrs used to face diffuclties.  It has been experienced that SPARSH has not taken any initiative to rectify their mistakes.

Lets talk about the problems facing by the Pensioners on SPARSH portal in the befifing of this month.  You must know that the SPARSH portal used to extend the access to download Pension Slip of the month at the beginning of the month but it has been reported by thousands and lakhs of pensioners that the Pension slip download button for 2024 is not found in the SPARSH Portal. 

As a result the Defence pensioners failed to access the Pension Slip and not able to download it to check their pension payment details for the current year.   A copy of latest PPO and Pension Slip must be kept with you as and when issued by the SPARSH. It will ensure you to check the correct amount of pension has been paid to you or not. Many veterans and family pensioners facing  this kind of problem.

When we confirm it by logging in to the SPARSH portal, it has been found that there is not such option to download Pension slip for 2024. This may be a fault of system of SPARSH. You should get the options to down pension slip for 2024 from January to December  of this year. You should have access to download from the portal as and when pension for the month credited to your bank account.

There is no option for download Pension Slip for 2024.  This is a mistake from SPARSH. Whether it is a pension slip or PPO, it is our right  to get  it as soon as pension paid. We have the right to know that there is no such problem in our pension.  If there is no option, how will we download the pension slip?

However, SPARSH  has uploaded the February pension slip.   Many veterans and family pensioners have received it Some may not have received it, but they do not have the option to download.  Veterans and family pensioners should not be worried about this.

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