ECHS Latest Rules on Unblocking Dependent’s ECHS Card in 2024

Guide to Unblocking ECHS Card of Dependents

A large number of ECHS beneficiaries have failed to comply Annual validation of ECHS cards of Dependents above 18 Years of age (except spouse). ECHS Cards found blocked. In such a situation, you may follow the latest Guidelines of 2024 as reproduced below :-

Tele 0712.2980099                                              Regional Centre ECHS
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Fax 0712-2980099                                               Nagpur- 440007

RC (Nag)/3148/Gen Con/ Card                                     01  Mar 2024

Stn HQ & All PCs


1.   Ref pars 2 8 3 of Central Org ECHS letter No B/49711-NSC/AG/ECHS/Gen Corr  dt 16 Jan 2024 and RC ECHS Nagpur letter No RC (Nag)/3147/Card dated 01 Mar 2024 (copy enclosed). wherein which it is clearly reiterated that despite proactive eligibility extension provide by OIC PC & Dir RC. ESMs are defaulting on uploading relevant documents to complete annual validation Further to this. Central Org ECHS has given one last & final eligibility extension option to Primary Beneficiary/ESM, of three months to be granted by CO ECHS, to get their card unblocked. Annual validation to be carried out.

2.       A number of cases have been referred to this RC ECHS for unblocking of ECHS card despite giving permission twice to the ESM II is noticed that the ESMs are not uploading the documents for reasons best known to them.

3 .       It is requested that all Stn HOs 8. PCs to kindly monitor all blocked card cases 8 ESMs be telephonically intimated before the lapse of three months so as to mitigate hardship in case of any genuine requirement The same may also be emphasised on your notice board, Whatsapp groups, ESM interaction & ESM rally.

4.    . Your proactive approach will go al long way is mitigating the suffering of ESM even though the beneficiary is at fault. 

5.      For necessary action.

                                                                                                             Jt Dir (Est)
                                                                                                             for Director

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