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SPARSH is now an important aspect of pensioner’s life. Defence pensioners are facing difficulties due to various technical issues arising frequently in the SPARSH portal. PCDA has initiated user assistance campaign names ” SPARSH Outreach pgme” in various cities. Letter issued by Defence authority is reproduced below in this regard.

SPARSH has also established dedicated Help and Service centre in your city also. To know detailed address and contact number email ID etc of all service centres throughout India is available in the article as details below :

SPARSH Service Centre Address with Phone number in Your Area

The Principal Controller of Defence Accounts
Kanchanbagh. Hyderabad • 500 055
Phone (040)24347521122
Fan : 10401 24347623


Sub: Functioning of DAD SPARSH Service Centre in the Premises/Campus of PCDA(R&D). Hyderahad

For the convenience of Defence pensioners for providing various services, a Snarsh Service Center is being established in the premises of this office. which will provide the following facilities:

(a) Pensioner Data Verification
(b) Profile Management and updation of personal details
(c) Digital life Certificate/Manual Life Certificate towards- annual identification of pensioners.
(d) Initiation of Family Pension – uploading of Death certificate and other relavant document produced by the NOK.

(e) Submission and Registration of Grievance of Penioners .

(f) Facilitate the submission of Service request related to Pension (SPARSH Pensioner Service, Request Form is available guidance)

(g) Provisions of Pensioners Kiosk , here the pensioners themselves can login using the Computer for various SPARSH activities and also take printouts of PPO/Pension Slips.

(h) Conducting of Out-reach programmes -It may please be noted that multifunctional activities are being carried out at the Service Centre and will lie progressed as per the evolution of the Services. All pensioners are advised to give wide publicity of the Sparsh Service Centre in the geographical at which would be catered by the Service Centre.

All concerned may ensure regular mid sustained disseminatior information about the Service Centre to all concerned.

Please acknowledge receipt.
Dy Controller

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