Received OROP Arrears 4th & Final Instalment from PCDA SPARSH? Check now

orop 4th installment received

OROP arrears for the 1st and 2nd & 3rd  Installments have already been paid during the April and August  and November 2023. Super Senior Citizens – above 70 years of age has been paid the full OROP arrears at one go before April 2023. Now the 4th Instalment of OROP arrears is being credited the accounts of the Armed Forces pensioners..

Hurray ! 4th Installment of OROP Arrears Received

On 12th January 2024 and on 13th January 2024, a large number of beneficiaries have received 4th instalment of OROP arrears from SPARSH PCDA Allahabad directly to their Bank Account.   If you have not checked it, kindly login to your Net Banking or update your passbook now. The amount of the arrears is same as the last installment. If you have already received it , just enjoy the New Year and winter picnic with your family. Those who are waiting , may receive their entitled amount by evening today or tomorrow.

Now the eligible pensioners are waiting for OROP arrears for 4th  Installment which has been scheduled to be paid before 28 Feb 2024 . Earlier the eligible pensioners have received three consecutive installments and now  it is the Final Installment of OROP-2 Arrears amount.  All the installments  paid directly by PCDA (P) to them who are in SPARSH and those who have not been migrated to SPARSH, have been paid through Bank CPPC.

Function of SPARSH in proper Pension Payment

As you know approx 90% of the defence pensioners have already been migrated to SPARSH and most of them have filed Life Certificate. People are over burdened with the huge expenses in the festive season. It Doesn’t matter if your pension has been migrated to SPARSH or not. Your OROP Arrears and pension must be paid regularly and it will be credited to your bank account. SPARSH has published your OROP arrears calculation sheet  and you may download and check total calculation sheet from 01.07.2019.

OROP Arrears 4th Instalment Paid to all SPARSH Pensioners This Week

Some are still thinking that why all Armed Forces pensioners are not getting OROP benefit ? to know this just have a look below-

You might have known that the OROP has not been found beneficial for most of the JCOs/OR and a large number of Jawans/JCOs neither have received any upward revision on account of OROP nor been credited any OROP arrears amount in their bank account till date.

As per the order of Hon’ble Supreme Court, the OROP Arrears for the period of 01.07.2019 to 31.12.2023 is to be paid/ have already been paid  to the veterans and family pensioners in 4 installments. Among these 3 installments have been paid to all eligible/affected pensioners by Nov 2023. Now it is time to wait for the 4th  Installment. Just have a look to the Govt order on the OROP Arrears payment schedule. 

Revised schedule of OROP Arrears w.e.f 01.07.2019 iwill be paid in 4 installments and the 2nd installment has been paid by
1st Installment – (Already paid)
2nd Installment – 31.08.2023 (Already received)
3rd installment – 30.11.2023 (Already received)
4th Installment – 28.02.2024. ( Govt paid in January ’24, before the scheduled date)


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