Apply for Dependent I Card : Dont Do this Mistake

1) DO NOT GIVE OLD PHOTOS. Most of you are giving old photos. Photos taken more than 3 months will not be accepted. 

2) Photo should match as you look today. Don’t give photoshopped, edited, whitened photos. Don’t take photo in dark colour dress, wearing cap, sun glasses.  

3) Give photo of Correct Size. Don’t cut from a bigger photo to adjust required size. Don’t give social event photo or casual photo. Photo should be straight, passport pattern in white or light colour dress. Hair should not be over the chest. 

4) Giving Non-standard Group Photo. Group photo should be, ESM/Widow with all dependents, whose ID Cards are required. Don’t make a collage of individual photos. Don’t join photos. Stand or sit down all and take a family photo. All should be clearly and proportionately visible in the Group photo. 

5) Online Forms are not Fully and Correctly Filled Up. Many fields are left vacants. Due to this we will not be able to buildup data bank. Please  ensure all information care filled up correctly as per Discharge Book and PPO before printout and submitting online. 

6) Data filled up in both Online and Offline are incorrect. Fill up data only from your Discharge Book and PPO. DO NOT FILL UP FROM ADHAAR CARD or other civil documents. If there is any mismatch, information written in Service Documents will be accepted. 

7) Offline Forms are not filled up in Capital Letters. Please fill up in Capital letters and neat hand writing. 

8) Dependency Certificate is not Correct. For children  above 20yrs age and parents Dependency Certificate is mandatory by Municipality Executive or Panchayet Pradhaan or Local Councillor. Following information must be clearly mentioned in the Certificate:-

(a) Children above 20 yrs and Parents are fully Dependent on the ESM/Widow. 

(b) Children and Parents are Unemployed. Or, Gross income of a child or combined income of both Parents is less than ₹9000/- + DA per month.  

(c) Children are Un-married. 

9) Giving insignificant small MOLE as Identification Mark. If available, give most openly visible birth mark, cut mark, wart, bloch, dark patch on the body as your identification marks. 

10) Most of you are bringing OLD OFFLINE FORM. Please use only latest msg and Offline DIC given 27/11/23. New Form given in KSB website  .  Old form will NOT be accepted from 04/12/2023. 

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