Holiday for Ram Mandir Inauguration on 22 Jan 2024 : DOP Order

Holiday for Ram Mandir Inauguration on 22 Jan 2024 First Half : DOPT Order

The idol of Ram Lalla has arrived at the sanctum sanctorum of the Ayodhya sanctuary and the temple is going to be inaugurated on 22 Jan 2023. The Idol of Sri Ram Lalla was at last inside the sanctum sanctorum of the Ayodhya finishing the numerous long periods of hang tight for scores of enthusiasts. The Sri Ram idol was welcomed inside on Wednesday night after an exceptional puja. The Sri Ram murti (idol) is going to be introduced in the temple today.

The idol of Sri Ram ji was brought to the sanctuary in a truck and was put inside the sanctuary with a crane in the wake of following ceremonies. The sanctification function started on January 16 and will go on till January 22 : the day of the eagerly awaited introduction. A few ceremonies will be performed throughout the following couple of days in the approach the occasion.

As indicated by trust authorities, the majority of the customs will be over by January 21 and just least fundamental ceremonies required for the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ of the idol of Ram Lalla will be directed on the primary day. Upwards of 121 ‘acharyas’ will direct the customs. The service will start at 12:20 pm on January 22 and is supposed to end by 1 pm.

The Ram Lalla Pran Pratistha at Ayodhya will be celebrated on 22nd January 2024 across India. To enable employees to participate in the celebration, it has been decided that all central Govt Offices, Central Institutions and Central Industrial Establishments throughout India will be closed for half day till 14-30 hours on 22nd January 2024.

All Ministries / departments of Govt of India may bring the above decision to the notice of all concerned.

Copy of the Govt (DOPT) order is here :-

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