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Confirmed Government Job for ex servicemen | Special Guide for Competitive Exams

Dream of an Exserviceman

For all the soldiers, after retirement, it will be easier to pass the competitive exam for recruitment in government job. Actually, all the soldiers desire to get  a govt job after retirement.  Ultimately aim of 99% Exserviceman is to get a good government job and have a settled and peaceful, secure life.

Reality of Govt Job vacancy for Exserviceman

But what happens is, we, the veterans are provided a good quota from the government but most of our vacancy goes empty. And hardly 10-15% of the ex-servicemen are able to get a government job. Let me show you a survey.

In 2018, a total of 5,067 posts of SSC GD were reserved only for ex-servicemen. But only 537 posts were filled from that. This means, approximately 90% of our vacancy went empty.

And this is just an example of one exam. There are many such exams where the vacancy of our ex-servicemen goes empty. There are mainly three reasons for this.

Why only 15% Exservicemen achieve a Govt Job and others not ?

First, most of our ex-servicemen are not able to apply for a government job.
Second, we don’t know how to prepare for a government job.
Third, we don’t get proper guidance for preparing for a government job.

But the good news is, whether you are a serving soldier or an ex-serviceman and you want to prepare for a government job, we are going to launch an Online Coaching. You already know about ESM info club  (Exservicemen Info Club).

Solution of this problem to Get an assured Govt Job for Exservicemen

A good number of our ex-servicemen members were able to prepare for a government job exam and got a good job also.  I will give you complete information about how you  can take advantage of this Online Free Coaching that will be guided by Experienced teacher of the particular domain i/e GK,  CA, English, Maths, Reasoniong, Computer aptitude etc.

An online form of enrolment in Google form is also available at the bottom of this page.  Willing Exservicemen may join today to start the Course to be started very soon.  If you want to prepare for a government job exam, dedicatedly, fill this form and submit.

So that when you fill in your details, you will be directly contacted and you will be specially attended. Let’s know what benefits you  will get from the ESM Info Club Online Coaching for Competitive Examinations. If you want to prepare for any exam, like SSC, Banking, Railway, SBI, PO & Clerk, State Police, State PCS,  we will provide specilised coaching with online class and materials.

Classes and courses will be available for you in both Hindi and English languages. Let’s see what benefits you will get in info booklet as available at the bottom. The main thing is that, this is an  Exclusive ex-servicemen only batches.

All the batches that are going to be conducted are only for ex-servicemen. What is the benefit of this?

It has been experienced that in general, the ex-servicemen attend classes for competitive exams to achieve a government job after retirement, are placed alongwith fresher college pass out students aged, 18 years to 25 years and environment of learning is not as per expectation of the veterans soldiers.  Considering the issue, we have launched the ESM special batch.

In general, the aspirant ex-servicemen in the class is treated as college passout.   Whereas the ex-servicemen, who has taken education 15-20 years ago, their capturing power and the capturing power of new students is very different.   In addition, education has also developed a lot since then.

So, the exservicemen face a lot of problems in learning.  In other hand those join our specialized class will get the benefit here is that all the batches are only for our ex-servicemen and considered all the issues that restrict the learning process of the Exservicemen category personnel. Now, all of us have the same mentality and all of us have almost the same socio economic background.

So, our learning power increases and it helps us to learn easily so that we can prepare accordingly. The second benefit is that small batch size of about 20 ESM only, all ESM will get personal attention. It means that you will get special attention in small batches of 20 ESM only.

Here, you can answer questions. Good faculty, good instructors will come to explain to you. You can ask about exam strategy, question paper style and all other things.  Sufficient Mock test, practice papers will be solved.

And, you can prepare well for your exam by taking their answers. The third benefit is that experienced faculty for all subjects. Here, our teachers, faculties and instructors will be such experienced who have already passed all these exams in the past.  Exservicemen  who have already achieved the number of Govt jobs will interact with you and will share their struggle and preparation strategy.

So, we will get such education instructors from where we can take good advantage of them. Dedicated app is also going to be launched very soon for preparation. All handbooks, notes and mock tests will be conducted as per requirement and suggestions from the students.

Here, you will get a dedicated application in which all things will be available to you. Your notes, mock test and through mock test, you can practice and prepare yourself more. So, this is a very good benefit.

Now, what all you will get in this? First of all, there will be a live class with teachers of 100 hours. It means that answers to our questions will be given to us in live classes. This will be a program of about 100 hours in different parts where you will be able to connect directly with teachers and answer your questions.

So, all the courses will be available at online mode only. Apart from this, you will get recorded classes of 250 hours. You will get these as a bonous and can watch it as and when need.

Classes are explained in easy English and hindi mixed language in which we can understand easily.   You can watch it by repeating it as many times as we want. So, this is a very good part Apart from this, one-on-one guidance on strategy planning.

So, one-on-one guidance for the type of exam strategy. And sometimes we face this problem that we are already prepared for the exam but when we apply for the exam we face many problems. So, for this also, help with exam form filling will also be provided.

It means that you will also be taught how to fill Apart from this, what to prepare and how to attend the exam. For this, a special session will also be provided where you can prepare well and crack the exam. So, with so many facilities, ESM Info Club Online Coaching App, an  Academy application is coming soon.

Friends, if you want to prepare for the exam, then this is a very good opportunity. In the description, I have given the link of Google Form. Fill it so that your details will reach there and you will be specially attended.

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