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LTC claim rules for army navy air force

As we all know, when a Defence personnel goes on a flight, they get LTC claim as per their eligibility, i.e. leave travel concession. But due to lack of information, our thousands of Defence personnel do not get their claim.

In this article, I will tell you how you can claim your flight and take advantage of thousands of rupees in a year. How will you get your LTC claim? From where will you get it? And if you do not get LTC claim, then you will also get double refund guarantee. First of all, have a look on  the content of a letter.

In this letter, it is said that non-entitled persons can easily book air tickets for their personal travel. Three references have been given. You can see, as per Rule 47 of Travel Regulation 2014, your LTC is applicable.

And in clear words, it is said that under the above provision, all JCO and OR of the Army can travel by air without any restriction on airlines or mode of booking of air tickets on LTC and are entitled to claim rail fare. This means that JCO and OR can book air tickets, can travel by air and can also claim LTC as per their eligibility without any restriction. And you know very well that Udchalo is an organization that works to make the lives of soldiers easier.

Now they have launched a claim guarantee program for your LTC. If your claim is rejected by saying that Udchalo is an unauthorized agency, then you will get your double entitled money. Now here your claim money will be refunded in your account and you will also get the same amount of credit, which you can use next time while booking from Udchalo.

So now you have double benefit. Keep in mind that to avail the claim guarantee, JCO should be below Pay Level 9 and NCO should be below Pay Level 6. And friends, apart from this, you get an important facility from Udchalo’s website. Suppose you have booked your air tickets from any other platform other than Udchalo, but you want to claim LTC, then you can go to Udchalo’s website and download the pre-filled form.

And you can put it in the LTC claim process. How will this happen? I will tell you in detail. See, I have given a link in the description. You have to click on that link. You will reach this page directly. You will reach here.

Here you see in the blue color box, Generate Now is written. So here you can generate LTC documents for free. First of all, click on Generate Now. Here you are asked for minor details. In which your first name is being asked, then I put my first name here. If the last name is asked, then you will put the last name here.

And if your email id is asked, then you put your email id here. After that, if the mobile number is asked from you, then you put the same mobile number which is active. In the next column, you are being asked to select defense service.

That is, in which defense corps are you serving? Indian Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, CAPF Or wherever you belong, you have to select it and put it in it. So I select the Indian Army and put it. After that, travel details are asked.

See, here you are asked if you have traveled one way or round trip. For now, I tick one way. Let’s put the origin, that is, where did you start your journey? I write Delhi here. And where did you do it? So I put Ahmedabad here. After that, you are asked the departure date. That means which date did you travel? So I select January 1 date here.

See ahead, you are asked the PNR number. So the ticket you have to claim, you have to put its PNR number. So PNR number of 10 digits. And at the end, you are asked the total fare, that is, what was the price of that ticket? So I put something here. That’s it, your details have been filled. At the bottom, there is a submit button in green color at the end.

You will click on submit. As soon as you submit, see here it is shown. Form submitted successfully. And whatever details you had put here, all the details have come here. You can see two columns below. One is download, one is share.

So click on the download button from here. You can download your form. See how well your form has been pre-filled and come here. And you can take it to the next process. So this is a very good facility. You should all take advantage of it.

So that you do not have to work hard to do more documentation. And you can easily download your pre-document from the Udchalo website. So what are you waiting for? If you are thinking of flying, want to claim your LTC, then book through Udchalo.

Claim LTC through here –


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