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Good News for Exservicemen: First time OROP-3 Pension from Government Sources  Increase for NCOs  JCOs

Except for a few pensioners to whom the benefit of OROP 2 was applicable, almost all the pensioners have received the arrears of OROP 2. Those for whom OROP was applicable and whose majority was in pension, now the discussion about OROP 3 is gaining momentum. Will your pension increase in OROP 3? This is a much more complete article than the description of OROP 3, in which I will explain the entire thing on the basis of many documents, those may affect OROP 3 and in what way your pension will definitely be increased.

First of all, let us know the points of OROP 3 revision, that is, the important points which will impact the OROP 3 revision. First of all, will you meet on time? There are chances of meeting OROP3 on time i.e. it is due from July 2024 onwards, there is a possibility of meeting it in the months till the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025. The logic behind this with which you will also agree is that the justified points are the first point, the order of the honorable Supreme Court.

 In the order of the Honorable Supreme Court, the government had agreed that we will make the payment on time for OROP3 i.e. the next revision after OROP2. The order of the Supreme Court in which the Honorable Supreme Court had given the order regarding payment of area in installments, this order was very important and in this order, one more important thing which came out in the Honorable Supreme Court was this paragraph number 13.

And the important point in this Para No. 13 during the course of hearing it has been clarified specifically by the learned attorney general of India on instructions that the deferral of payments in terms of the present order shall not have any bearing on the computation of dues for the purpose of the next equalization when it falls due i.e. the attorney general in the Honorable Supreme Court, the government lawyer, has himself accepted this thing and has clarified this thing that the payment of the arrears of OROP 2. If there is a delay, it will not affect OROP 3, that is, whenever the next equalization is due, whenever it becomes due, then its equalization and its revision will be done on time.

So during the hearing of OROP 2, the government lawyer i.e. attorney general has accepted that OROP 3 will be implemented on time. Now the second point is to implement OROP 3 on time because OROP 3 will be the basis of pension of pensioners of 2023. If govt decide to keep it as benchmark and make it granted as a scale then all the pensioners who have received pension in 2023 have come through pension calculation by a single touch with the help of SPARSH and naturally it will not take any long time to calculate the average of OROP 3.

It can be done within hardly an hour or so because the entire data will be in the base. So because of this also, it will not take any long time to create data in calculation, extract data, your average pension will be calculated instantly with one click. Since the Suipreme Court order Released in March 2022, after that the government delayed it for a few months and after that OROP2 was declared. There was but there is nothing like this right now. There is no court case pending regarding OROP3, due to which there are three reasons that OROP3 will be completed quickly and on time.

The next point is how possible is the increase in pension of JCO’s? There has been no increase in the old JCO’s in OROP2, so will there be an increase in JCO’s in OROP3 ? The first point is Pre-2016 JCO’s retired in 2018 but in 2023 i.e. the JCO’s who were given OROP2 by merging them in 2018, those who became JCO before 2016 and those who have retired in 2023 are almost the JCO’s who were promoted after 2016. Those who are retiring or have retired in 2023 will not be a very good sign for increasing the pension of JCOs. Because before the Seventh Pay Commission, there was a lot in the payment and pension of JCOs.

Multiplication Factor – Those JCOs who were in service in 7th Pay Commission got 2.62, retired JCOs got only 2.57. According to the letter of Government of India, Ministry of Defence, different fitment factors are given to different pay bands. It is said after giving and this is the fitment factor of 2.62. JCO’s got this. Along with this, if we consider the calculation seat of Subedar of pay commission, which is issued from PAOR, his basic pay as on 31 December 2015 was Rs 12,450, now if you add Rs 4600 which is the grade pay of Suvedar, then it will be Rs 17,050. If it becomes rupees 17,050 then if you multiply 2.62 then it becomes 44,671 i.e. it was fixed in 44,900 i.e. by giving the formula of 2.62 MF , further in it whatever next payment is in the slab of Subedar is basic, it was fixed in it. Which is Rs 44,900. They have been fixed on 1st January 2016, so now the JCO’s who were in service before 2016, who were in service , got the multiplication of 2.62 in the 7th Pay commission, but now the JCO’s did not even get the multiplication of 2.62. And if JCO’s promoted after 2016 then there may be a loss somewhere for them.

 Next point: Abolition of grade pay system. Along with grade pay, those who retired in 2018 got the benefit of grade pay because they had become JCO’s before 2016. They got the benefit of inclusion of grade pay in the 7th pay commission, but , among the JCO’s who were promoted after 2016 and who retired in 2023, almost all are without grade pay because grade pay was abolished in the 7th Pay Commission. Because when one promoted to Nb Sub , it became 2800 to 4200, then from 4200 to 4600 for Sub, and for Sub Major it was 4800, considering this the grade pay used to increase, but after becoming JCO after 7th Pay Commission no such increase is there.

There is no increase in grade pay due to which, the chances of JCO getting this benefit in pension are very less. The important point is that as on date when there is a promotion, there is no separate benefit, only one increment increase. Gets nothing, because of this JCOs does not seem to be getting much benefit. Yes, some JCOs will get benefit like it happened in OROP2, but in OROP3, many JCOs will benefit a lot, such chances are very less.

 How possible is the promotion of soldiers from Sepoy to Honorary Naib Subedar ? Now you will have to understand some things in this, first of all, in 7th CPC they have retired after serving atleast 8 years , that is, after the implementation of 7 Pay Commission, the little increase that the soldiers got was after serving 8 years after 7 Pay Commission. 7 th Pay Commission came into effect in 2016, after that OROP3 will be given by taking the pensioner’s pension of 2023. Due to this, after 7 Pay Commission, those soldiers have served for 8 years and on the basis of their pension, OROP3 is given. So this will lead to a slight increase somewhere in the average pension of ORP3.

Benefit of one increment on entry level pay in 2021 – Many who were in service in 2021 have got the benefit of entry level pay and those who have retired after 2021 or in 2023, their pension is also limited. There are chances of an increase in OROP3 being added to the table.

One increment benefit from OPT FIX has been implemented after 2016. Friends, after the 7th Pay Commission, the option of choosing two increments was opened. You can either take the increment of January, if it is beneficial for you, then if it is beneficial for you then you can opt for the increment of July, hence also those who got pension in 2023, there is a benefit of one increment in their pension. Due to which the average pension of soldiers has a chance of increasing. Currently a table of OROP3 is circulating which shows significant increase in many parameters. You can see that table and PIB table is also given.

 Which is going viral in the social media by telling the table of OROP3, like constable’s Rs. 20,663, Naik’s Rs. 22,251, Havildar’s Rs. 23,618, Captain’s Rs. 45,938. Here the basic pension of OROP3 is shown which is the expected basic pension. But to what extent are these tables true, you cannot trust any of these tables until you get the pension figures for 2023.

When some of these figures are released in the table, it is possible that similar figures may emerge but they are not authentic. In 2022, a PIB table was released in which a significant increase in the pension of many ranks was shown. Now this PIB table was released in which Constable’s Rs 19,726, Naik’s Rs 21,101, Havildar’s Rs 21,782, Naik Sudar’s Rs 26,800. The pension was shown in this manner, but when the actual table was released, the salary of OROP2 was Rs. 18,807, Naik’s was Rs. 20,107 and that of Havildar was somewhere similar, Rs. 21,782 was similar to that of a 15 year old Havildar and Naib Sub Dar. It is also not matching, Rs 24,825 was given whereas in the PIB table it was shown Rs 26,800.

Had seen the table of PIB which was released through government sources, when the table of PIB does not fit with the figures, then how can the viral table fit, friends, so until the pensioner figures of pensioners of 2023 are not revealed. You cannot trust any table. Only when the pension figures of pensioners of 2023 will be revealed, only then can a table be prepared which can be a real table, otherwise such tables will be found in abundance. Until the pension figures of the pensioners of 2023 are revealed, it is difficult to get the correct table, whatever will be found can only be guessed and anticipated.

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