Exservicemen How to get Emergency Based Treatment in Empanelled Hospitals of ECHS

Exservicemen How to get Emergency Based Treatment in Empanelled Hospitals of ECHS

In emergency very often we didn not get bed in empanelled hospitals. This is very bitter experience as feeback received from thousands of ESM.. To overcome this kind of problems, Govt has issued guidelines to all Concerned Empanelled Hospitals which is reproduced below :-

Tele : 011-25672153 E-Mail : dirrcdelhi2Aechs.qov.in

603/20/ECHS/Med/Policy All Empanelled HCOs with RC-II
Regional Centre ECHS-II
Maude Line
Delhi Cantt — 10

14 Jul 2023


Please refer Paragraph 16, 26 (d) (e) (f) (g) (h), 45 & 46 of SOP on Treatment Management in ECHS : 28 Sep 2018 (copy attached).

It needs to be known that empanelled hospitals will make their non empanelled facilities for treatment of emergency patients that too on cashless basis, for which the bills will be honoured (with valid justifications) (Refer para 11 of MoA (copy attached).

Since emergency is defined as life threatening condition, treatment will not be delayed for any sanction even if an unlisted procedure is to be conducted. This Regional Centre will be telephonically informed on calling/ Whats App Number 8810641964 and an email sent same day regarding commencement of process for sanction of unlisted procedure. Procedure will be undertaken and will be justified in discharge summary by the empanelled hospital.

It will be responsibility of empanelled hospital to generate EIR within 48 hr in such cases to facilitate verification by concerned PC. Highest degree of professional acumen will be exercised by treating doctor so that this provision is not misutilised. It is the sole prerogative of the treating doctor/ specialist to decide whether admission is required or not. The EIR will be sent foolproof with full signature and stamp of the doctor declaring emergency admission and not by administrative staff.

It is again reiterated that all ECHS beneficiaries are entitled cashless treatment and no money would be charged from them except with written consent for paying difference of higher value cost (refer para 49 of the same SOP). All empanelled medical facility is having contact details of this Regional Office. A telephonic call followed by an email, same day incase of any issue is requested.

This letter will be put up to MD/CEO/Owner/Medical Superintendent/ Authorised Signatory of MoA of your hospitals.

Jt Dir (HS) for Dir

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