Ex-servicemen Pensioners Should Take action immediately

Ex-servicemen Pensioners Take action immediately to Get your Legitimate Rights

A large number of pensioners are still waiting for pension for the month of February 2024.  Most of the veterans and family pensioners have got credited their pension in to their bank account on 29th Feb or 01 Mar 2024 but  some pensioners informed me that their February Pension has not credited yet.  When the matter enquired and discussed with the SPARSH nodal officer about this, he told clearly that some pensioners’ life certificate has not been submitted to SPARSH,  PCDA.  It may be so, the pensioners have submitted to the Bank or to some other agency but they have failed to process it to the SPARSH . The life certificate has not been updated so far.

Because of this, their February Pension has stopped on SPARSH, PCDA.  So he suggested that the pensioners should submit their life certificate again. It will be updated on SPARSH PCDA.  Only on receipt of the Life Certificate on SPARSH, their pension for February will be released.

A veteran contacted us yesterday and we advised him to contact PCDA Help Line.   Till February 2024, the Life certificate was not submitted. Because of this, his February Pension has not been processed and stopped. So, PCDA SPARSH also said that first you have to submit the Life certificate properly. You may Submit it manually using MLC process available in the SPARSH Portal. If there is any issue, you may submit it directly to any SPARSH Service centre or to PCDA directly. Your pension will be updated instantly. Your pension will be released by SPARSH PCDA instantly.

 So friends, before starting this, I am going to tell you that if your life certificate has not been submitted, then you have to contact the team SPARSH ,PCDA nodal officer.   Please check if your  life certificate has been updated on your SPARSH Portal. The last date for submission of life certificate was 31st January, 2024. If you have not submitted it, then your pension will definitely be paused. Now, as warned it stopped in February. It  may be continue for the next month also , if life certificate not submitted to SPARSH.

So, try to submit your life certificate on SPARSH  portal properly and confirm that it has been updated there. If it is updated, then, you will get pension with arrears for both February and March.

Another issue raised regarding newly migrated pensioners on Non -Payment Certificate and Due Drawn Statement.  If the pensioners themselves are doing the process, if you want to get your dues as per circular 568, those who have not received it, friends, you have to make a Non payment Certificate from your bank CPPC.  Request your bank to issue a Not paid  Certificate  from CPPC  of Bank  alongwith a Due Drawn Statement.  Friends, all the documents should be forwarded to  SPARSH  PCDA, Allahabad.   Need not to send it to Record the original copy.  You may inform your Record office with a Photo copy of the documents. Though it has no action in Record. If it is the arrears of circular 568, then whatever you have to get the arrears of OROP-2, that pension will be disbursing.

It has been found that many pensioners’ migration in SPARSH  portal  , whatever the arrears on account of OROP-2 , it will be directly disbursed by the bank or SPARSH. Record Office  has no role. So pensioners don’t make a mistake at all and send all the documents as stated above to SPARSH PCDA Allahabad. The arrears will be credited by the SPARSH PCDA.

Next information, in PPO, there is MACP-2  Hav, but the pensioner  has not been awarded pension for the grade. Some pensioners have also got MACP  Part 2 order which was generated by Record, but you were getting pension of the previous rank. In which, if you have got the MACP, then the part 2 order has been generated. CPO has also been generated. So you will get the pension of MACP Grade / upgraded stge.

First of all, what do the pensioners do?  They need to update data regarding grant of MACP SPARSH , Allahabad and you will get the financial benefit accordingly. The data can be updated through ZSB also.  Submit it to your Record office along with a personal application for grant of pension/arrears for MACP rank  and send it to your Record office duly recommended by the ZSB.

To fill the form contacting your ZSB, it has become necessary, you can send the form to your Record. Then it will be checked, it will be scrutinized, and then whatever has to be done, it will be done. MACP should be given or not, it has been checked, it has been checked, now what do you know, that you will get the MACP. After that, in the end, you will get the MACP after the pension is paid to the pensioner, MACP or the rank in which PPO has been settled, after that you get the MACP. Before that, you were getting lower rank pension, you will get arrear payment for defending that only. So, one thing you have to check that the order has been generated or not, if PPO has been created, then MACP is there and you will get payment  definitely as no one can deny it.

25th of this month is Holi. Before Holi, there will be 4 Cabinet Meeting. Yes friends, very good news is likely to receive in March. Now you have to see whether you get DA/DR  Approval in these 4 Meetings or not. Before Cabinet Meeting you have to see whether your DA/DR is confirmed or not by the Government.


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