Formation of 8th Pay Commission Reality Check

Formation of 8th Pay Commission : Letter with Ministry of Finance 

Formation of 8th Central Pay Commission is the most expected matter for the central govt employees and pensioners at this moment. A letter has been written to the Finance Minister in this regard by the Association of Central Govt Employees of a Department. And this matter is before the Finance Minister not to consider.

The letter dated 26 February 2024, which has been written to Honorable Finance Minister. The  subject of the letter is  Formation of the Central Pay Commission. 

As you all know, the Pay Commission is formed at a regular interval of 10 years.  Under this, the Central Government Employees are there, their pay, allowances, and other facilities, benefits, whether in the form of cash, or any other kind, there is a revision in all of them. And that, by calculating it according to the time, as the inflation rate is increasing, it is decreasing. 

The  3rd Pay Commission, 4th Pay Commission and 6th Pay Commission were formed in 10 years of interval. In these Pay Commissions, it was recommended for all Central Government employees to constitute permanent machinery to undertake periodic review of the pay, allowances, and conditions of services, for all Central Government employees, but no such body has been created till date. The recommendation from the 6th Pay Commission was that this Pay Commission should be implemented over a period of 10 years. And, in the 7th Pay Commission, when it came, they recommended that on the basis of pay matrix periodically, without waiting for a period of long 10 years, here, those who are employees of our Central Government, their pay and allowances may be reviewed. 

So, all the old Pay Commissions, about each of them, what specific recommendations they made, the next Pay Commission will give the information about them. Now see, as it is, 7th Pay Commission has been implemented,  many anomalies have come into the light, many court cases have occurred, many legal cases are pending, and also of the government, individuals, and against whom there are cases. 

This is causing a lot of disturbance, hence now a request has been made here, it is therefore requested to constitute 8th Central Pay Commission immediately, to enable it to have sufficient time to give comprehensive recommendations, to clear all existing anomalies without giving room for future anomalies, so that the legal cases that are going on at various places, whether it is related to pension, related to pay, related to any increment, related to promotion, related to MACP, related to the benefits of retirement, or related to someone’s pay level, there should be no such problems.  Keeping all this in mind, sufficient time is required to consider all the aspect of the pay and pension, that’s why the 8th pay commission need to be formed immediately. 

Hence the letter which has been sent, on behalf of General Secretary, IRTSK, K V Ramesh ji,  which is a very old institution, they have given this letter, I mean, to the Minister, so that the Central Government employees pay in allowances, and their other perquisites/ facilities and benefits are their. In the right way, at the right time, it should be formed so that, after the 8th pay commission, minimum anomalies only be raised which will be easier to resolve.

As you all know, after 10 years, pay commission is generally formed and the due date for the 8th CPC is   January 2026. if it is formed  in 2024, then only the complete work can be done in due time.  This is the right time, because the pay commission takes 1.5 years to 2 years to give its recommendation.


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