refund of lakhs for exservicemen

Ex-servicemen may Get Refund of Lakhs of Rupees : Eligible Pensioners Apply Now

There is great news for Ex-servicemen. Many pensioners have noticed that deductions from their pension were made earlier and this month also.  However, it is true that, if they would have submitted the declaration of Income id due time on SPARSH portal, their TDS would not have been deducted. 

If any TDS deducted, need not to be worried.  You may get your refund once you filed the document as discussed here.  ESM has to get a refund.  And what documents do you need to get this refund? We will talk about that. Pension for February 2024 has already been credited to the bank accounts of all Ex-servicemen and family pensioners.  But the pensioners are disappointed now. And the pensioners have been deductions from their pension amount this month. Friends, what is the reason for the deductions you might have know that. 

All exservicemen need to upload income tax declaration on SPARSH portal to stop deduction of TDS as most of the ESM do not comes under the taxable income range after submission of eligible deduction details.  However, if you have found that a deduction have made during Feb 2024 or earlier, that will be refunded by the IT Departement once you file your IT Return during June-July 2024.  Detailed process of Income Tax Declaration to SPARSH portal is mentioned in the link below ➖

On SPARSH Portal must Upload Income Tax Declaration : Follow this Process

Now , another  refund likely to be available to the accounts of Pensioners on account of one time contributions towards ECHS for pre-96 retirees and war widows.

You just have to take a few steps and you will start getting benefits. Remember that it is very important as it is your money and you are being returned. Now if you do not take it, then , it is a lapse from your side. But the notification has also been issued by the government. And we talk about the refund first. 

The government had made some provision for pre-96 retirees. But due to some misunderstanding, many people paid money and filled up online application form for ECHS members in the wrong way. And they have paid the fees i.e one time contribution which they should have not to be paid by them. The form that they have filled up for new ECHS card /membership was in a wrong way.  

The Govt authority has conveyed that, the one-time contribution of ECHS is being returned. You are going to get a refund, friends. And policy of ECHS on this matter was already there that war widows, pre-1996 pensioners, all those people did not need to pay this one-time membership fee to become a member of ECHS. But when the ECHS card was made, when 90% of the people have paid their one-time fees of Rs. 30,000, some were giving Rs. 67,000, some were giving Rs. 1,20,000.

Since this has brought to the notice of ECHS, that something like this has happened, then this is a very important letter has been issued for pre-January 1996 retirees. Now you know your eligibility, you have paid the One time contribution and it is being refunded to you. And to be refunded, you should either have a deposit slip, which you had deposited at the time, to get refund. If you got any slip and kept safely, then your money will be returned to your account. If you had made a payment from a passbook, then there is an entry i.e  you have given Rs. 67,000 to ECHS at this time (example) must forward a photocopy to ECHS. Means there should be some proof. ECHS will definitely refund your money  only when you have any proof of payment. In case of loss of proof, you need to provide an affidavit regarding deposit. 

So, you need to provide any one document  among the five above and your refund is guaranteed. So for that, either you search this document and there will be an entry in the passbook. Friends, if you have made a payment, then you will have a deposit slip somewhere. When you transact any amount/document , you get a slip from there. You might have a copy of MRO. There are many ways that ECHS has already made available to you. Now whatever you have, you can use it and get the refund. 

where the pension was credited in your account. But now there is a deduction in it. To know  the reason for the deduction you need to download the pension slip. You may download your Pension Slip from SPARSH.  If the matter is related to Income tax, need not to worry.  You will get a refund during ITR e filing on Income Tax Portal during mid of the year.

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