ECHS with Aadhaar Authentication – Detailed instructions

ECHS with Aadhaar Authentication Must from 01 April | Remedy of Name & DOB Mismatch here

A big change  in ECHS  is going to be implemented from 1st April 2024.

Now, Aadhaar Authentication will have to be done before treatment. The process of Aadhaar Authentication has been planned in ECHS, as it is done in other biometric system. Your Aadhaar Authentication will have to be done in ECHS before treatment. But, you can imagine that this may not so easy to get Aadhaar Authentication done for all members of your family due to data mismatch with Aadhaar Card and ECHS card.

Majority of ECHS beneficiaries will suffer due to data mismatch whtih the Aadhaar  and ECHS record.  There is a possibility of mismatch in spelling of name and date of birth. So, there Aadhaar Authentication will not be valid until and unless data entered in ECHS and Aashar car is matched properly, in terms of name and date of birth mainly.   If there Aadhaar Authentication failed, treatment facility will not be available at ECHS and Empanelled Hospital also.

So, what should you do to overcome  this?   The process is very easy. Regional Centre ECHS, Lucknow has issued this letter to all Impanel Hospitals  regarding implementation of Aadhaar authentication in ECHS and Empanelment Hospitals.

Regarding Aadhaar Authentication Services in ECHS, as proposed they have disseminated the instructions below :-

It is to be submitted that Aadhaar Authentication Service will soon be implemented in ECHS. Hence, all Empaneled Hospitals are requested to sensitize, to ECHS Beneficiaries about Aadhaar Authentication Service.

All ECHS Beneficiaries should be aware of Aadhaar Authentication Service. The Beneficiaries have to be told that the authentication services are likely to commence at all ECHS polyclinic and Empanelled Hospitals from 1st April 2024.   In order to comply this, they have to update their Aadhaar cards with correct details as per ECHS or   Change data in ECHS as per Adhar card and link it with their mobile number for OTP based authentication service.

For family pension also, Name and DOB in the PPO, Aadhaar card and PAN card in all three documents should be matched.

Hence, all Impanel Hospitals have been directed to guide ECHS Beneficiaries about Aadhaar Authentication Service. And for this, they have to update their Aadhaar cards with correct details and link it with their mobile number for OTP based authentication service.

Remedy to manage mismatch of Name and DOB in Adhaar and ECHS

For Pensioners –    Aadhar, PAN and EPIC Card is most important document.  These all documents pertaining to the pensioners should match with the PPO & ECHS card.  If there is any issue, kindly rectify with the concerned department.  Online correction in Aadhar, PAN and EPIC is possible now.  Once rectified, it is done.  

For Wife / Spouse –  Name and DOB should same at all the documents i.e – PPO Family pension Nomination & in  Your Service Record , Aadhar card, PAN Card, ECHS card, EPIVC Card and ECHS Card.  It is advisable that, Firstly, Change all Civil documents correctly and then apply for the necessary amendment/change/rectify in the military documents – i.e Service Record.  Once your service record is updated (through Zila Sainik Board) and Pt-II Order published, apply for ECHS Card ( afresh/ rectification).

For Parents & Dependents :  All your dependents including parents, firstly,  manage all the civil documents, wherein name and DOB should be same.  Once the process is complete, apply to ZSB for change / rectify of name and DOB of the dependent.  Once Pt-II Order Published, apply for new ECHS Card.

Process of change of name and DOB has been described in our Website. Link is provided below .

Change of DOB of Wife of Ex Servicemen in Military  Documents : Detailed Process

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