Cabinet Meeting: Central Govt employees Got a Big Gift – will 8th CPC be announced like this?

Yesterday, there was a very strong announcement in the Cabinet for you. Some decisions were made. Which turned out to be a good welcome for about 1.7 crore Central Govt Employees and Pensioners in the Cabinet meeting. We will tell you about it later.

Second, is this the same way that the effect of the elections is the result of that? Because always at the end of March or in the first week of April, there is an announcement of D.A. But this time it has already declared so far. Infact will you get the good news of the Central 8th Pay Commission all of a sudden one day like this? There is such a hope. If this is possible, then all this is going to happen in the next four or five days.

In a  press release that was issued by the Finance Ministry, Cabinet approves additional installment of Dearness Allowance and Dearness Relief to Central Government Employees and Pensioners. That is, for about 49.18 lakh employees and 66.95 lakh pensioners, now 4% DA / DR has been increased.

The Cabinet has already put a stamp on this and now your inflation has increased by 50%. What did Cabinet Minister Piyush Goyal say? “ Friends, a decision has been taken by the Ministerial Committee on Dearness Allowance. The pensioners who get Dearness Relief, both of them have decided to increase it by 4% from 1st January 2024. From the increase of 4% from 1st January 2024, on a large scale across the country, our pensioners will get about 50 lakh employees and about 68 lakh pensioners. All of them will benefit from it.  It will cost tr about Rs. 12,868 crores to the Central Government. 

Union Cabinet Minister Piyush Goyal has announced this. Now I hope that, maybe in the coming week, your 8th Pay Commission formation news can also be announced. Because of the upcoming election and restrictions to be imposed on new announcements, it may be announced very soon.  However, there is no such information released by the concerned ministry or the govt authority in this regard till date. All this may be done because of the election, things are coming out ahead of time. So this was the information in the context of Central Employees, soldiers and Pensioners.


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