Ex-Serviceman कितने साल Age तक सरकारी नौकरी Join कर सकते हैं ? Maximum Age Limit for Ex-serviceman

Today’s important information in this article is as follows. How long can an ex-serviceman can be appointed for a govt job? These are the most frequently asked questions.

All the job related videos that I have posted so far, Like you know, whenever DGR or any government job notification is received, where there is an opportunity for an ex-serviceman, I publish it 100% in our youtube channel.

Every time I get this question, Sir, what is the maximum age? How long can we apply? I have retired from Subedar. My age is 55 years.

Can I apply now? I have retired from Subedar Major. I have retired from Subedar Major. My age is 57 years.

Can I apply now? I am 36 years old. I am 51 years old. I have retired after 25 years of service.

Can I apply now? Today in this article, all these doubts about age will be cleared to you. Friends, as you know, The age relaxation of an exserviceman, Reemployment in Civil Services and Post Rules 1979 This was also published in the Gadget Notification by the Government of India. And many amendments to these rules have also come.

But the latest position in today’s date, The things that are applicable to you are like this. First of all, let’s talk about Group C and D posts. Where most of the vacancies are reserved for an exserviceman.

Group B also has a reservation for an Exserviceman. But it is of very low numbers and limited to sonme state Govt jobs only, it does not happen everywhere.

So if you are applying for any post of Group C and D, Then the number of years you have serviced, plus 3 years, You will get the total age relaxation of this year. Let’s take an example. Suppose your present age is 45 years.

You want to apply for the same post. Where the maximum age for civilians, freshers, etc. For the general category, that is 30 years.

So can you apply for this post? So how will we decide this? Let’s see how much total age relaxation you will get for Group C and D. Let’s see this first. The number of years you have serviced, plus 3 years. Suppose you have serviced for 20 years, plus 3 years.

That is, you will get the age relaxation of 23 years. So the post whose maximum age was 30 years for the general, How many years will you get there? You will get the age relaxation of 23 years. That is, you can apply for that post up to the age of 53 years.

And it doesn’t matter when you have retired. You can apply for any government job after 15 years or 20 years of retirement. There is no such restriction that you have to apply for retirement within 5 years or 2 years.

There is no such restriction for the Central Civil Service. Let me tell you this clearly. And as far as I know, the same rule applies to the rest of the state governments.

That is, it doesn’t matter if you have ever retired. And for Group C and D post, age relaxation is similar for the state government. It is also similar for the bank.

And for the rest of the PSUs, the government-aided organization, the autonomous body, this is the age relaxation for everyone. Now let’s come to Group B post. Group B has two categories of posts.

One is gazetted and the other is non-gazetted. So in most places, it has been shown that there is no reservation for both gazetted and non-gazetted for Group B. There are some states and some PSUs where there is reservation. But in general, where there is no reservation for the Central Civil Service, you will still get age relaxation there.

Now how will you get it? See, if Group B is non-gazetted, then it is the same as Group C and D. That is, the number of years you served plus 3 years. This is the weightage of 3 years plus your service length. You will get the total age relaxation of so many years.

That is, if it is 30 years for civilians and your total length of service plus weightage is 20 years, then how much is it? 53 years. You will get this age relaxation. Now let’s come to Group B gazetted and Group A services.

Both of these posts are for the fear of offices. If you are applying for the fear of offices, then according to the Central Civil Service rules, you get only 5 years of age relaxation. That is, if the maximum age for civilians is 32 years, then how much will you get? You can apply for up to 37 years.

If your age is more than 37 years today, then you cannot apply for this post. But if we look logically, then most of the soldiers, whether they are officers or officers, most of them do not retire below the age of 40. So if you are retiring at the age of 40 or 45, then where you have 37 years of age relaxation, you cannot apply there.

So what is the need to keep such provisions? That is why the Department of Serviceman Welfare took up a case with the Ministry of Defense. So that the age relaxation of Group A and B should be similar to that of Group C and D. That is, the full age relaxation of those who served should be given at least this much age relaxation. But that case is still pending since 2016.

There was no discussion on it. There was no action on it. This report you can see in the screen.

This is the report of the Standing Committee of 2016-17. And all these references were given there that the case of age relaxation for Group A and B Gazetted Services was taken up. But there is no result of it.

That is, the welfare of our servicemen is increasing. If a serviceman has any ability, he cannot join Group A and B Gazetted Services. Because there is no age relaxation there.

Age criteria are not permitted. So this is a very big issue. You can read this committee’s report on our website www.esminfoclub.com. You can read it and take up the case yourself.

You can write a letter to the Ministry of Defense or DSW. You can do RTI. You can also file a grievance.

If most of the people focus on this, they will pressure the government. If we do not fight for our welfare, then who will fight? That’s why we all have to fight today for our rights. So friends, this was the age relaxation for Central Civil Services.

Now let’s see what happens in the Bank and other organizations, PSU, Autonomous Body. See, I have told you almost everywhere. There is a rule on the big side.

There is a place where when they notify, they clearly tell that the maximum age should be this. That is, if your age is 50, then you cannot apply here. So specifically where it is mentioned, there is a fixed limit of maximum age only.

Otherwise, there is no fixed limit of your maximum age. So friends, I hope that whatever was your doubt about the age relaxation, it would have been clear today.


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