8th CPC new allowances

8th CPC New Allowances with Removal of Anomalies : Expectation of Pensioners and Employees

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In all the previous CPCs it has been observed that a huge anomaly created due to ignoring some vital issues related to pay and pension of Govt employees. In the 6th and 7th CPS, such anomalies have been listed a long and it is expected that those anomalies will be removed in the coming CPC i.e 8th CPC. Some anomalies which must be addressed as expected by the penioners and govt employees are here –

Removal of Disparity in Pay and Promotion

(a) Removal of disparity between pay and promotion of direct recruits and promotees in the same cadre. In audit and accounts departement/organised accounts of various Central Govt department i.e Rail, AAD, Defence Accounts , P&T Accts etc Direct recruits (Auditor/Acctt) are allowed to get MACP upto the level 8 but Promotees (initial LDC) of the same cadre are not allowed to stepped up even they are Senior. This is clear violation of orders of Supreme Court which direccts that pay of a Junior never can be higher than Senior in the same cadre and post. Whereas the SOP of MACP do not support such parity.

Increment for retirees of 30 June and 31 Dec

(b) Increment to Retirees of 31 December and 30 June to be allowed. The orders of various court and govt decision in this regard should be reconsidered in favour of the Govt employees/pensioners.

Discrimination in Pay Fixation of Exservicemen Officers and Jawans/JCOs

(c) Removal of discrimination and disparity in Pay Fixation of Reemployed Exservicemen is continued since 1986. Reemployed Commissioned officers of Army, Navy & AF and Gp A officers are getting the pay protection and on joining civil jobs they are getting their pay equivalent to last pay drawn before retirement from the Armed Forces. Whereas the persons below officers rank when reemployed, their pay is fixed at the initial pay of the reemployed post and no such pay protection / pay fixation at last pay drawn stage is allowed to them. The matter was approached by the nodal agency i.e DOP&T to MoF, DoE but showing some excuses and quoting that , “such benefit , if extended to Non Officer Category personnel, they will get undue benefit” . It is expected that the 8th CPC will justify the matter on humanitarian grounds considering the sacrifice of the soldiers for the nation.

8th CPC Formation Latest News : Decision of Ministry of Finance

Increase in HRA rate considering high rental value

(d) HRA in the 7th CPC was reduced from 30% to 24% for Gp X Cities and revised HRA at initial level in 7th CPS was as under

X Class Cities24% of Basic Pay
Y Class Cities16% of Basic Pay
Z Class Cities8% of Basic Pay

But during the 6th CPC it was 30%, 20% and 10% for the X, Y and Z class Cities. It is expected that the 8th CPC will consider the increased rate of interest of home loan and House Rent amount paid by the employees and the revised structure of HRA should be 35%, 25% and 20% of basic pay.

Increase in Children Education Allowance

(e) Education is too much expensive and govt employees are struggling to meet the regular education expenses for their wards. Considering the burning facts, CEA must be at least Rs 5000/- per month per child.

Increase in TA according to higher Transporation Cost and inflated Price of Petrol

(f) Transportation is a huge expense for the govt employees. Cost of Petrol is increasing day by day. In 2016, the price of petrol was Rs 60 per Ltr and in 2026, it is expected to be Rs 130 per Ltr. So, the increasing in price of petrol may be calculated as approx 106%. Accordingly, the rate transportation allowance must be increased at least 100%.

Increase in TA DA as availing Commodities are more costlier

(g) Daily Allowance, Halt DA and TA for temporary duty must be increased by 100% considering increase in price of commodities including cost of transportation, Hotel expenses etc.

IT Allowance to be introduced

(h) Mobile phone and internet is used for official purpose by all ranks even not in office hours in the present secenerio. Considering the fact, IT Allowanc should be introduced and applicable to all rank / categories of employees which should not be less than Rs 3000/- per month.

Half Yearly Health Checkup through Empanelled Hospital Directly

(j) After the COVID situation, health care system need more focused on improved life style with healthy diet. Commodities including Fresh fruits, vegetables, grains and daily uses materials are now more costlier and price inflation is getting higher on every day basis. Considering the fact, beside provision of proper medical facilities through CGHS/ other medical health care schemes, awareness on health care to be provided. Routine health checkup is one of the most important aspect to ensure a good health. Govt employees and pensioners must be permitted to avail half yearly health checkup through Empanelled hospital directly. The Empanelled Hospital should be directed to attend all the Govt Employees/pensioners with valid beneficiary Card of CGHS/ECHS/AMA Cert/Health care Scheme twice a year at free of cost. This package should include one general consultation, complete pathological/radiological/imaging & other misc investigation and post investigation consultation with followup treatment.

Fixation of Pension with requirement of the age

It has been observed that 90% pensioners are drawing pension less than 25000/- pm alongwith all allowances. Whereas, the medical and other expenses in the old age is too high and with the little amount of pension it is difficult to cater the requirement of day to day life of a pensioner in these days. Considering the fact, it should be ensured that minimum amount of pension should not be less than 40,000/- and should extend additional pension on attaining the age of 65 years, 70, 75,80 , 90 and 100 years.

FMA Should be increased

FMA of the Central Govt pensioners are still Rs 1000/- pm. In this era, medical expenses are too high and this little amount is totally insufficient to catre the requirement. So, FMA should be atleast Rs. 5000/- p,m

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