orop anomaly and agitation of exservicemen

Successfull Protest of Ex-servicemen for their Legitimate Demands :Governor Called Veterans Meeting

Ex-servicemen agitated for their legitimate demands since long and the demands have not been heard by the Govt authority.  No one came to hear their grievance.  Finally they have left no option other than to show public protest.  In the demand of various anomalies with the Armed Forces personnel and retired soldiers including proper OROP, Equal MSP to all ranks, Disability pension to all disabled soldiers and Equal methodology of Pay Fixation to all ranks of reemployed Pensioners, there was a large range of public protest with Stopping the Railway Service.

The “Rail Roko” Movement by Exserviceman

As reported in the national media, 140 trains were affected due to the agitation by ex-servicemen at Shambhu station under .Ambala Division in Pun­jab on a agitation of anomalies in the one-rank-one pension & other issues.

As per the Ambala division, 20 mail express arid 13 passenger trains were cancelled as many as 32 mail express trains were diverted via alternate routes. 20 trains were short terminated; and 09 were short originated. Besides these, 50 goods racks trains also effected

Due to agitation at Shambhu Station, 144 trains were affected on the day.  Adequate staff was deployed and necessary arrangements were made to ensure the supply of food and water bottles..

Ex-servicemen SP Gosal and Kapal Dev said that they were left with no other option but to block the tracks so that their demand could be heard. The agitation was lifted late in the afternoon. According to the district administration. the dharna was lifted after the Punjab Governor invited the ex-servicemen fur discussion over the matter.

It has been noticed that earlier on the reply of grievances of the ex-servicemen on OROP, Equal MSP and other anomalies, the MoD has released a public note which was based on the rules made by them only.  No natural justice has been assured, neither the grievances of veterans were given any importance.  

Disparity and Discrimination within Armed Forces

According to the veterans gathered at the agitation place, a big discrimination in grant of MSP to soldiers also have been found.  Time bound 3 promotion within 13 years of service has been assured by the AV Singh Committee for Commissioned Officers only 20 years ago, whereas the PBOR still retires with Sepoy rank even after 17 years of bonafide military service.

As agitated by the veterans, the Commissioned officers including nursing officers, 90% of them who perform their duties at AC Room, getting 3 times more Military service Pay than JCOs/OR which is paid for the life risk only.

Veteran Kartar Singh (Hony Capt) expressed that on reemployment at govt department, Commissioned Officers get pay fixation benefit as per last pay drawn but JCOs/OR are not allowed, they are allowed to draw minimum pay which is applicable to Fresher Recruits only.

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