Pensioners Happy : Govt Launched IT System to Solve Pension Problem Without Delay

Pensioners Happy : Govt Launched IT System to Solve Pension Problem Without Delay

Aggrieved Pensioners can access the CPENGRAMS (Registration Module) by clicking the link “Grievance Registration” under the section namely “Aggrieved?” of Pensioners’ Portal for registering the grievance online through internet. 

CPENGRAMS (OFFICE Module) is available at under the link “Centralized PENGRAMS” which can be accessed by the Secretariat Staff of Ministry / Department / Organization for viewing / entering and processing the grievances received through internet/post. 

The Office Module can also be used by the PGOs for accessing and recording the action taken towards an early redress and disposal of the grievances online. Operation / User Manual for using this module by the PGOs is available online as a part of CPENGRAMS (OFFICE Module) 

How to register the grievance by an Aggrieved Pensioner using Internet? Upon clicking the link “Grievance Registration” under the Section “Aggrieved?” of Pensioners’ Portal, the following screen of CPENGRAMS (Registration Module) will appear. 

Upon Clicking at “Register the Grievance” option.
A), the pensioner will be able to access the Electronic Grievance Registration Form (EGRF) to facilitate him/her fill-in the personal and grievance particulars in the Form.

After the grievance is registered, a registration number will be allotted by the system. The complainant/pensioner should note down the same for all his/her future references by the system. The pensioner can also use this registration number for sending reminder(s) / clarification(s) as well as for checking the current status of the registered grievance online at any point of time. 

How to send the Reminder/Clarification? For sending a Reminder /Clarification the Aggrieved Pensioner can use the option, “Send Reminder/ Clarification”.

 How to check the status of registered grievances? For checking the status of Registered Grievance, “Check the Status of Registered Grievance” option shown there.  And the required registration number of the already registered grievance is to be entered. The system will then display the latest status of the grievance.

A brief on Pensioners Portal is here – 

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