Pension slip for March Released on SPARSH | New Info on Equal MSP

pension slip of march 2024

Railway officials have issued an official letter to implement the Supreme Court’s big order. Friends, there is a disappointing update on Equal MSP.

Many of you may know what happened on Equal MSP. Still, in today’s article, let’s talk about the update on Equal MSP. Along with this, we will talk about the pension slip for March through SPARSH.

Friends, let’s talk about all these important updates today.  You know that on Equal MSP, yesterday there was a date and there was no argument.  Just next date given by the court.

But friends, a lot of things have changed. The things in the background have all changed. And now the new bench has come.

Now everything depends on how the new bench brings this case forward. How much more time does the new bench take to understand this. And how, friends, will some more points of the voice of ex-serviceman be checked? Will some more documents be checked? Will some more documents be checked? Already, friends, everything remains a record.

But again, because this is a matter of giving justice. So, friends, this will be tried in full. There should be no aspect that remains untouched.

So, friends, we are talking about how Equal MSP will be implemented. And now, on behalf of the government, there are new updates where the entire bench has been changed. So, there will be some delay in changing the bench.

Because those who were working on it from the beginning and those who were involved from the beginning, it would have been a little easier for them. Next date, friends, is 16th April, as you know. We will have to wait for 16th April.

If you get any message in your account, then you must check the pension slip once, many people’s 4th installment of OROP2 is being credited in the account, and now many people’s 40,000, Rs 35,000 are credited in this way, so now if you have put any grievance in CPGRAM for non paymment, then you must check that the arrears you have got is of that grievance, because 2-3 arrears are coming, one is the arrear of 4th installment of OROP2, one is the arrear of Circular  568.

So when all these arrears come in SPARSH for you, then along with that, a pension slip is also uploaded for you.  So it is important that you track them completely.

There was an order from the Supreme Court for notional increment, so friends, there are two things, one is that the Supreme Court has ordered, and the other is the actual implementation, and that is very important.  Although if it is of the Supreme Court, then it will be implemented, but how soon it is ?   The railway department has issued a letter for this, that their payment, the benefit of this notional increment, they should get it as soon as possible.

So that the order of the Supreme Court is implemented, and those who have been done for it, they should get the benefit of it.  The pensioners who are releasing, they will get at least one extra increment, the pensioners will also get the  benefit of the DA/DR, so these people who are retiring on June 30 or December 31, this decision was specifically for them.

Due to which they were suffering a loss of a full one increment,  with DR  will now get a relief.  Even after completed a year in service, they were suffering a loss of increment for just a shortfall of one day.

The Supreme Court has already given a big decision on this, now it comes to implementing that big decision, because there are a lot of people who have a retirement date on these dates.  So they will definitely get benefit from this. 


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