Merger of 50% DA with Basic Pay & Pension be Considered by Govt ?

merger of 50% DA

Will your 50% DA and DR  to be merged with pension ? People are frequently asking that when is our entire DR i.e 50% is merging ?  Will only the DA 50%  be merged with the service personnel’s Basic pay? Will the DR of the retired pensioners also merged with basic pension ?

In the electronic media environment, the information is spreading that 50% DA and DR is going to merge with Basic pay/pension. So, we do not know whether there will be a merger here or not. There is some confusion in this.

Still, according to a newspaper, the senior Finance Ministry official has said that 50% merger recommendation was the recommendation of the 5th Pay Commission. And looking at this, friends, you may remember that in 2004, when 50% of the DR was reached, then it was also merged in basic pay from 1st January 2004. But friends, this was the talk of the 5th Pay Commission.

If we talk about the 6th and 7th Pay Commission, then however he said that 6th Central Pay Commission had recommended not to merge DR with basic pay at any stage. Government accepted this recommendation.  The 6th Pay Commission did not recommend that basic pay should be merged in basic pay at any stage.

In this case, the government accepted this recommendation. Even after 2004, more than 50% of the DR has been merged. But it has not been merged with basic pay and pension.

And even the 7th Pay Commission has also not made any such recommendation that the DA/DR should be merged with basic salary or pension at any stage. So in this case, friends, it clearly means that no automatic merger is going to happen on its own as the thing has not been recommended or approved by any authority.

Yes, if the government wants to bring some policy for some new revision, then anything can happen under their policy, but its automatic merger will not happen at all. This also means that the next installment of DR will not start from zero, but will continue after 50. Say 52, 53, 54, that is, friends, after 50, now 51, 52, 53, whatever will increase, it will continue to increase.

Any kind of decision cannot be taken for this purpose without having Govt approval or recommendation by the CPC. But friends, when the government comes after the elections, then you know that the 8th Pay Commission will be implemented in 2026. So it is possible that when the new government is formed after the elections, then keeping this thing in mind that the Pay Commission will be formed in 2026, before that, as the 7th Pay Commission has recommended, that according to the cost of living,  the revision of pension or salary should be done automatically.

And for this, the accurate formula has also been mentioned there. So definitely, after the elections, the government can take this thing into account. Or the committee will be formed for the 8th Pay Commission as usual.


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