Claim Your Gaurav Padak in Indian Army : detailed information

The Gaurav Padak in Indian Army

The  service conditions of Indian Army is duty bound and involved life risk at every moment while dealing with  terrorists and enemy countries. Not only this, apart from combatant role, army persons also involved in aid to civil authorities whenever they are called on i.e, rescue and rehabilitation operations in natural disaster, internal conflicts within the country, extreme breach of law and orders etc. 

If we consider their routine life, it is not like civil servants. The Army personnel is duty bound to stay and have their duty in Extreme cold area, deserts, forests and all types of adverse terrains within the country and some time in abroad while attached with UN Mission.  Even after knowing all these fats, the brave parents send their ward to serve in the Army. To honour their sacrifice for the nation, the Indian Army has decided to award “Gaurav Padak” to parents of Recruits/cadets while on passing out parade.

What is Gaurav Padak of Indian Army ?

This is a medal awarded to the parents of the recruits/GCs of Indian Army for their sacrifice to the nation while their wards are in attestation parade/passing out parade.

Who is eligible to get  “Gaurav Padak” ?

Only parents of recruits/cadets while on attestation parade / Passing out parade at Regimental Training Centre/ Officers Training Academy are awarded the Gaurav Padak.

When is the Gaurav Padak Awarded ?

The Gaurav padak is awarded to the parents only while their wards are at attestation parade / Passing out parade at Regimental Training Centre/ Officers Training Academy.

When it has been commenced ?

It has been commenced in 1 October 2013.

When is the Gaurav padak worn ?

The Gaurav Padak can be worn by Parents while they are attending any social gathering and informal military functions.

Restrictions to wear Gaurav Padak

Parents who are in service  (Uniformed) can’t wear Gaurav Padak while in uniform.

If you are interested to read the original Govt of India Letter about the Gaurav Padak may check it from Indian Army Veterans Portal.


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