Exservicemen Must Check ECHS & PAN card of the Dependents to Avoid Future Problems

There are still some Exservicemen members who have not submitted the annual validation of their dependents’ ECHS cards i.e. income details to ECHS every year. For not doing this small task, their cards are getting blocked due to which retired soldiers are forced to seek treatment in private hospitals. Not only this, there are also ex-servicemen who have not yet generated their dependents’ PAN Card. That is, it is really difficult for them to deal with this emergency situation. This is why this article is for everyone’s information. Always remember the following points for annual validation:-

1. Every year retired soldiers have to submit Annual Valuation i.e. Income Certificate of his/her family dependents (excluding spouse) on ECHS card on ECHS portal. This annual validation is usually done from August to December.

2. However, there is no need to do annual VALIDATION within 11 months of getting the ECHS card for the first time.

3. Name of dependents printed on the ECHS card should match with the name on PAN card. If the card and PAN card name are not same then either change PAN card name or ECHS card name version as per your convenience immediately.

4. If the monthly average income of dependents is more than 9 thousand rupees, the ECHS card will be blocked by ECHS. In many cases, it is seen that retired soldiers keep some of their money in the form of fixed deposits in the name of their parents. If the interest on that fixed deposit is more than nine thousand rupees as a monthly average, there is a possibility that the card will be blocked. So everyone is requested that the interest of fixed deposit in the name of the family should not exceed 9000 rupees per month.


5. Remember ECHS Portal Login ID and Password should be kept safely as without this Login ID and Password Annual Validation is not possible in ECHS Portal. Although there is an option to reset the password, it is not that easy. In many cases it has been seen that the password reset option has to use email but the OTP may not be received on  that email. Consequently password reset facility is provided by Central Organization ECHS through a written letter.

This important information should be known to everyone. By doing these things in advance you will not face any problem in an emergency.

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