Your Pension Transferred to SPARSH : Check here the correct action

After introduction of SPARSH, the system of Defence Pension has now been completely changed. The phase wise migration of pension from Bank to SPARSH has already been started from July 2021 and 100%  New Pension cases of retiring of Defence civilian and Combatants are being processed through SPARSH. Defence Pensioners are too confused on SPARSH related issues. Many of them have received msg on their phone or email ID regarding Login User name and Password of SPARSH. LOGIN TO SPARSH IS NOT ANY DIFFICULT THING. SO, DONT WORRY, JUST FOLLOW THIS ARTICLE AND GET YOUR PROBLEM SOLVED.

 But the ground reality is that most of the pre 2016 pensioners have not received any Login User ID and Password till date. Some are confused whether, their mobile number and email ID is registered with PCDA or not.  Your doubt will be cleared after reading this article. Just go through this Artilce. To know more follow our website for future pulications.

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How to know if my data has been migrated to SPARSH or Not ?

Yes, here is the tracking system available in SPARSH Portal that you can check if your profile has been migrated to SPARSH or not.  Follow these steps :

Step -1 : Click on the website link of SPARSH given below or type in your browser :

Step -2 : Keep the mouse on Services  menu button and then click on Track Migration status.
Step -3 : Select service :  Army   or Navy or Air Force
               Select R.O         : Your Record Office
               PPO NO             : Enter your PPO No here.
               Select PDA        : Select Bank option
               Click on the check box at left side of  “I, not a robot” tab

Click on the button Validate and Proceed.

You may get a dialogue box mentioned:   PPO entered does not exist in our database.

So relax. Your Pension data has not been migrated to SPARSH, it will take time.  Don’t be panic. Phase wise action is being done by PCDA. by the end of this year 100% pensioners will be migrated to SPARSH.

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SPARSH Portal Log in Guide for Defence Pensioners

Meanwhile the PCDA has published notification on their website that the pensioners who have not received their SPARSH User ID and Password till date or unable to login, may lodge a complaint. Know details of Complaint lodging process by clicking here.

Now, if you found a msg that your data has been migrated, then you must receive a msg containing user name and password.  So check your mobile msg box and click on the login button at right top corner. After login, you should go to PDV using your adhaar identification or life certificate process. In case of any problem in any stage, you may lodge complaint as link given here :

Lodge Complaint Link :
ink of SPARSH Track Migration status

You may also know about SPARSH Related following topics in this website :
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Actions after Migration to SPARSH

Once you received the msg from bank/PCDA regarding that your pension has been transferred from bank to PCDA SPARSH, you need to follow the guidelines as below :

Step 1 – Login to the SPARSH portal using credential received from PCDA. You will receive the user ID & Password within one month from getting the intimation regarding your pension migration to SPARSH. After that you need to login to the portal first and change the password immediately.

Step -2 – Once you have changed your password, you need to submit online declaration just click to the next screen and choosing some ioptions line your pan and adhaar details, authentication using adhaar OTP and details of reemployment, if applicable. Then you are done.

Step – 3 – Once you have submitted declaration/ack/PDV successfully, your next action is to confirm if your identification/Life certificate is due or not. You must complete the DLC/MLC process to submit your life certificate in SPARSH Portal. If your account is in SBI, then you can submit your life certificate for next 5 years as per MoU of MoD & SBI. Now you are done. You may update your data or download pension slip, PPO etc.

More inforrmation on SPARSH and other issues related to Exservicemen are available in this website managed by Bikash De, Chief Editor: or in hindi

Your SPARSH PPO is here : Download Now through Official Website
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In case of any sort of problems related to SPARSH, you may contact any of the SPARSH Service centers throughout the country.  SPARSH Service center will help you to access your SPARSH Profile and do the tasks that can be done using this profile –

  1.   PDV – Personal Document Verification including First time Log in to Your SPARSH Portal
  2. Solve Your User ID and Password related problems
  3. Submit Life Certificate Directly to the SPARSH Portal every year
  4. Download your Latest PPO
  5. Download Your Pension Slip Every Month
  6. Download your latest entitlement slip
  7. OROP calculation Slip
  8. Update your personal data, 
  9. Update your Family Details
  10. Change of pension Bank Account
  11. Change of Home Address
  12. All kind of grievances related to your Pension and SPARSH

How will you find your nearest SPARSH Service center in your City ?   A list of all the SPARSH Service Centres available in your City exists in the official website of SPARSH. Total  3,958  SPARSH Service centers available through out the country.  In this  website list of all the SPARSH Service Centre is available including address, Phone number, email ID and the contact persons name. You may access this excluding thousands of SPARSH Service Centre following these few steps :- 

Step – 1  –  Visit official website of SPARS –

Step – 2 – Click on Service Centre Locator – 

Step – 3 – Now a list of thousands of SPARSH Service centre will appear on the screen.  You may search your nearest Help/ SPARSH Service centre with entering PIN Code of your area.

36 Centers under Directorate of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV) are also providing all services of SPARSH. 

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