PCDA Circular No 616- Grant of FMA to Exserviceman @ Rs 1000/- pm

PCDA Circular No 616- Grant of FMA to Exserviceman @ Rs 1000/- pm

PCDA Circular No 616 dated 31.01.2019 regarding grant of Fixed Medical allowances is here. Tose applicable persons may contact your ECHS assigned and PCDA for necessary documentation to get Fixed Medical every month.

Reference:- This office Circular No. 451 dated 21.02.20:11,Circvlar No. 544 dated, 04.06.2015 & Circular No 586 dated 25.’09.2017.

A copy of Gol, MoD letter No. 22(01)/2011/WE/D(Res-1)=dated. 01.11.2018 on the above subject, which is self-explanatory, is forwarded hetewith for information and necessary action.

2. As per ibid Govt letter Fixed – Medical Allowance .(FMA) to  Ex-Servicemen Pensioners and Ex-Servicemen Family Pensioners is also admissible to ECHS members who are residing in. Districts not covered by ECHS’ Polyclinic/ Armed Forces Hospitals / Ml Room upgraded to accommodate ESMs.

3..  Those pensioners who are covered under this Govt order are required to submit the necessary application in the prescribed format to the nearest Stn HQ in triplicate. The Stn HQ will scrutinize the residential address of the ECHS member and verify the applicability or District in the address for FMA and confirm the authorization of FMA on the application in the prescribed format.

  • A separate communication will follow for submission . of • LPC-cum. -datasheet along with instructions in due course.
  • This         circular       has     been       uploaded.      on     this          office          website
    www.pcciaRe-nsion.nic.in for dissemination to all concerned, Gts./Tech1051LX)0,(1 Dated 31.05.2019

                                                                                                                                                                                         ACDA (P)

Copy to:

The Dy. SecretarY,Govt. of India, Ministry of PPG’ & P(DePtt. of P&PW),Lok Nayak Shawan, New Delhi.

  • Director (Pensions), Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence D (Pen/Sers):, Sena Shawan, Wing ‘A’ New


  • Army HQrs          Branch, •PS-4(b) DHQ, PO New Delhi -110011..

 (A. K. Malviya)
Sr. AO (P)

Government of India
Ministry of Defence
tDeptt. of Ex-Servicemen_Welfare}

Sena Bhavan;New Delhi

The Chief of Army Staff
The Chief of NavalStaff
The Chief or Air Staff

Sub : Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA ) to Ex-Servicemen  and Ex-Servicemen Family Pensioners who ztce ECH. residing in Districts not covered by E-CHS Polyclinic Hospitals I Mi Room upgraded to accommodate ESMs in partial modification of Para 2(b) of Govt of oaf Ministry Of Detente. letter No.22(1)101/US(WEyD(Res) dated 30 D-ecember.2002, I am directed to convey the sanction of the Government to the payment of Fixed Medical .Allowanbe to Ex-Servicemen Pensioners and Fcimily -are. ECHS members and residing in Districts not covered by ECHS polyclinics / Armed Forces Hospital/ MI Rooms upgraded to accommodate ESM’s as :per terms & .conditions .covered in succeeding paragraphs.

2.    Entitlement of FICA to Ex-seNicerrien (E-SIVI) Pensioners. and Ex-Servicemen (ESM) Family •Pensioners will be governed _by the-int tructions on the subject issued by Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & PerlSions-( Depth of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare) vide their OM No.4125/2008-P&PW(D) -dated 19 Nov -2014, as amended from time to time.

  • Ex.-Servicemen •Health Scheme (EOHS) membership is compulsory for all ESM Pensioners and ,entitled ESM. Family Pensioner, thoSe: retired, discharged and on death of the serving armed forces: personnel which occurred on or after 01 April 2003.: Their contribution :to ECHS memberShib is,.non refundable .. All pre 01 April 2003 retirees: have the option of either .joining ECHS .sc let e. by remitting appropriate contributibn and forfeiture of FMA or continue to dfaw FMA as hither to fore..
  • Despite, .bein.g an ECHS member, above mentioned .ESM pensioners and ESM Family Pensioners residing in districts, .Where no. ECHS Polyclinic or Armed Force.:hospital or Ml room upgraded to ;accommOdate is available will be eligible for FMA:as’well as will be entitled for IPD treatment

6.    The _residential address-of the ECHrnemOerfar payOlent of FMA I Cessation of FMA shall be the .address indicated as the perrnanent address In his /her. PPD. The list of districts for which FMA is to be paid at on :date of issue of this order is given in Appendix attached with this order. The list of districts for which FMA is to

7.  As stated above, the ECHS memberresiditgln-:&Otiwhe)e ECHS Polyclinic! Armed Forces= Hospital I. Mi. Rotrn, ,upgr401ti,16,,accommodate ESMs is not :available an,seek;:commenbernent of FX.1-* payment through his/her Pension Disbursing Agency (PDA) /AUthoriSedlRer105nDisbursing Bank, by submitting an application in the prescribed frmà th the nearest Stn. HQ triplicate The .Stn. Ha will scrutinize the reSid6nti4,’0.04ress:Cf the ECHS member and. verify: the applicability of District in theaidtiress,fbr:FMA and cOnfirt the authorizatibn of FMA on the applicatibn in the :prescribed format. Distribution of ibid application, will be as under I

 (a)       The Original Copy Of the 4001)datiOn will be forwarded to 0/6 PQ.DA (Pension), Allahabad; 0/0. PCDA (0) ‘Pune, O/o  PCDA ( Navy & Coast Guard) Mumbai, Oto jCDA (AF) New Delhi-

  1. (“as applicable” and “similar office pertaining to the ECHS member of rather servicesiestablishrnene) ‘by Stn. HQ for endorsement in PPOlissue of corrigendum PP.Otupdating Pension Reco.tds of PenSioners/family.Pensioners.

(b) Duplicate Order  The duplicate copy will be for Warded to the concerned Regional Centre ECHS by Stn HQ for uploading the same in PDF format in the data base and. to thereafter forward, the hard copy to concerned Record ‘Office as mentioned in the application form for retaining in. Pensioners’ record.

( c)   Tripiicate acinv  The triplicate Copy Will be returned to the ESM by the Stn HQ (ECHS Cell) duly endorsed with verification of district as per format.

  • Based on ibid original application, 0/o PCDA (Pension ) Allahabad, O/o PCDA (‘Navy .& Coast Guard) Murnbai,, 0/c JCDA (AF). New Delhi-10 ( “as applicable and similar office pertaining to the ECHS member of other services/establishmenr) will sanction FMA & endorse in PPO/ issue of corrigendum .PF0 for updating Pension Records of Pensioners/family Pensioners maintained by Centralised Pension Processing Centres of BankstDPDO etc, The date of Commencement of FMA vti/111 be the first day, of the subsequent second month in which the Pensioner has submitted the application ( e.g. •FMA will commence from 1st July for all applications submitted during 1-st May to 311..May),
  • cessAtion of OPD Facilities An. ESM who is drawing FMA will not be
    entitled to OPD facility at ECHS Polyclinic and Armed Forces Hospital. He is also not eligible for referral to Erripanelled facilities for treatment in OPD. The ECHS smart card of the ESM will be endorsed with such details regarding facility available to him.! her. The date of Cessation .of OPD will be the First day of the following second month in which the pensioner has submitted ‘the application e.g.. OPD will cease from July for all applications submitted
    during 1st May to 3rd May,
  • 10, Cessation of FMA The cessation of FMA, in the event of opening new Polyclinic in PDA would be :based on a certificate
  • issued. by CO, E-ais   existng chain of Command & ::Control regarding the operationaEsator      ECrS Pc4ciinic. With effect frorgfollowing month
  • in which ECHS Pcycnc s operationalised, the .enttiemeicit of FMA for the above pensioners residing permanently in that district will cease. Any FMA paid in excess will be recovered from.his subse4uet ciftioraty entitlements. The ECHS card of the ESM.Will be updated orill*stguir to.PoA and medical facility available to him.
  1. Text Box:  T se orders will be come into effect fro1 of subsequent month from the date of issue.
  2. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry• :.of Defence (Finance/Pension) vide their U0 No_33(145)/12.FP dated 5-10.:2018.

Yours faithfully,

(A. . Karn)
UnderSecretary to the Govt of India

Copy to :

  1. AG, IHQ of MoD(Arrny)
  2. QOP, IHQ of MoD(Navy)
  3. „/A0A, Air HQ (VB)

CGDA, New Delhi

  • Copy for information to :
  • SO to RIV1
  • PS to RRM

9      PPS to Secy. ESW:

10     PPS to FA (DS) ………..-

11     PS to JS(ESW)

12       Ps to Addl. FA & JS (RK)IV1o0(Fin)

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