Indian Navy in New Role to Ensure national safety

This is all about the geopolitical scenario in which India is involved. India is going to build its naval base in Agati and Minicoy Islands. Agati and Minicoy Islands are in this area. INS Jatayu is going to be inaugurated. And INS Jatayu will inaugurate the base in Minicoy Islands in the first week of March.

Raksha Mantra Rajnath Singh , the Defence Minister will inaugurate the base.  This is the entire western seaboard of India. India is going to build its naval base in Agati and Minicoy Islands. This is the Combined Commanders Conference attended the Defence Minister, Generals, Admirals, Air Marshals, etc. It is happening aboard an aircraft carrier.

It he held in a aircraft carrier. And their idea is to build a naval base in this area – Agati and Minicoy. Remember the names of these two islands. You have seen Maldives below. This is Sri Lanka.

These are Andaman and Nicobar Islands. If you look at Indonesia, these islands are spread so far from here that from Indonesia to India.

From Indonesia to India. If you actually see which is our last island and which is their last island, then you will see that there is not more than 200 to 300 km between Indonesia and India.

These islands are spread so far from here. Now, why is India building a naval base here? India. What is the reason? Okay.

China is sitting ahead here. We will definitely remove China. But friends, China is a different matter. We are a different matter. China is not a democracy. We are a democracy.

So in many things, our hand is up. In many things, China’s hand is up. China has managed one or two political parties there. And the Chinese vessel is docking there. This is a matter of danger for us.

This is a matter of danger for us. And it is not that the Chinese vessel will come today. Chinese submarines will come here. Chinese ships will come here. And whatever the Chinese matter is here, it will continue to go on. There is also one such island that China has taken in a 50-year lease. I am talking about the Maldives. And how much? Only 4 million dollars. 4 million dollars.

How much is 4 million dollars? One dollar is running for 82 rupees. 82-83 rupees. So you understand. Only 4 million. It would have been 4 million. For that, they took an island. And where did they take the island? The airport on Malay Island. The capital of Malay Island. There is an island right in front of the airport. China has taken such a strategic place. India has decided to make its naval base in Minicoy and Agadi Islands. India has naval bases in other places too.

India has naval bases in other places too. But it is necessary to make this for India. This is the first thing.

You note this. This is today’s fresh news. Now I take you a little far from here.

Let me take you to Armenia and Azerbaijan. You need to understand what is going on here. Because India is fully involved here.

This is Iran. And this is Azerbaijan. I have covered Azerbaijan a little in Majorly Right.

I am giving you a little different information here. Azerbaijan has a Muslim population of 90%. And if you take a 100%, 60% of it is Shia. 60%. 30% are Shia. 30% are Sunni. This is 90%. And the remaining 10% are Christians. Some are non-Muslims.

That’s it. Armenia is landlocked here. If you look at Armenia. Armenia is totally landlocked. There is no sea route or port near Armenia. Armenia is completely surrounded. Who is standing against Armenia? A whole front has been opened against Armenia. How? Why? Turkey wants to become the leader of the Islamic world. Turkey wants to become the leader of the Islamic world.

That is, remove Saudi Arabia. Remove Saudi Arabia completely. This is Saudi Arabia. There is Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. This is Mecca. This is Medina. Do you see? Mecca, Medina. Below is Mecca. This is Jeddah. But Mecca and Medina are very important for all Muslims. It is a very important place religiously. I think the most important location for almost 2 billion Muslims.

Turkey wants to become the leader of the Islamic world by removing Saudi Arabia. How will Turkey become? Neither does Turkey have oil, nor does Turkey have Mecca and Medina. And Turkey doesn’t have much money either. What does Turkey do? That such small Muslim countries that have fought with someone. Turkey supports them in any matter. That they come under their control.

Turkey has seen Azerbaijan. Turkey has seen Pakistan. Here is Pakistan. I missed it. Here is Pakistan. Turkey has done something in Pakistan. There are 8-10-15 countries, 57 Muslim countries. Turkey has tried to take them under its control. Now what is happening from here? Turkey is giving them drones.

Turkey is giving drones to Azerbaijan. And it is also saying to Pakistan. Give them weapons. Pakistan does not have money. Turkey will give some money to Pakistan. Pakistan will supply them. This means that you have given confidence to Azerbaijan. Look, this is a Muslim country. This is a Muslim country, Iran.

This is a Muslim country, Pakistan. All three are supporting you. Turkey and Iran are very close to it. Very close. Their fight is not only for the region. If you think that the fight between Azerbaijan and Armenia is only for the region. They have sold the goods in the market. They have sold the goods in the market. That the fight is for the region.

No. The fight is for the region. But the real issue is that this fight is between Christians and Muslims. And in many areas where Armenia has lost. When these troops went to Azerbaijan. First of all, they broke the churches there.

They broke the churches there and built a mosque in its place. That victory has been achieved. Now there are no Christians here. Now there is the kingdom of Islam here. The flag of Islam is waving there. Here in this area. Now where should this poor man go? Georgia is completely landlocked. Their history is also very old. Azerbaijan and Armenia used to be part of Russia.

Then they became part of Soviet Russia. Then they separated. They are still fighting each other.

What does India have to do with this? India has offered them the Panaka missiles. And has also given them the Panaka missiles. Because of which Turkey is very upset.

Because of which Pakistan is very upset. Because both Turkey and Pakistan. Have nothing like the Panaka missiles.

They have nothing compared to the Panaka missiles. And friends, the work that is going on in the Panaka missile rocket. The DRDO work that is going on.

Very shortly you will have those missiles. Crossing 100 kilometers. Do you understand? Shelling is happening 100 kilometers away.

It’s massive. It’s massive improvement in this thing. You are talking about 20, 30, 40 kilometers.

You are talking about 100 kilometers. So all this is happening. And the Panaka missiles, which have a range of 50 to 60 kilometers.

We have already given it to Armenia. Apart from this, India is also giving Armenia the Zen anti-drone system. What is the Zen anti-drone system? When Bayraktar.

Bayraktar is a very famous drone made by Turkey. Turkey has given Bayraktar drones to Azerbaijan. Which is a Muslim-majority country.

You go and attack Armenia. Armenia came. Armenia contacted India.

India has given them the Zen anti-drone system. To neutralize Bayraktar. That is, a kind of proxy war is going on here too.

So first I started from here. Agati Islands. The base that is being built in Agati Islands.

And the base that is being built in your Minicoy. I told you about it. Then I told you about Azerbaijan and Armenia here.

Now I come to this area. Where the Indian Navy is doing operations. Here by law.

By law, Pakistan should have done operations here. But Pakistan’s Navy is just a few fishermen. Apart from this, Pakistan’s Navy has no value.

That’s why the Pakistan Navy is not doing anything. More than a dozen ships have been put here by the Indian Navy. Okay friends.

More than a dozen ships belong to the Indian Navy. Including corvettes. Including destroyers.

Including submarines. Including aircraft. Including Sea Guardian Drones of Reconnaissance.

Everything is here. And the biggest thing here is actually. To do anti-piracy operations.

There are Marcos Commandos. That is, India’s dangerous and terrifying Marine Commandos. They have also started working.

So in this whole area of India. Which is called Bhaukal in UP. Boss, Bhaukal is very tight of India.

China also knows. We are building in our area. What is the problem? Here in Agadi and Minico Islands.

We are building a naval base in our area. What problem can anyone have? But there is a problem. But there is a problem.

China’s social media. Which is very close. Which we may be able to access.

We don’t know what they are writing in it. We don’t know about it. But the fact of the matter is.

Reports are coming from there. That the Chinese are not very happy. Why is India trying to counter us? It is our country.

Now in the evening we will ask you. What food should we cook in our house? China will approve. Is it India or not Pakistan? Okay, whatever you feel bad.

It is a very good thing. Do it because you feel bad. Okay friends.

Our bases are made here. Our bases are already here. Our bases are elsewhere here.

China. And as I told you once before. Gave the Philippines to Brahmos.

Okay. With Taiwan. In regular touch.

And indirectly defense related talks. Are also happening with Taiwan. And this whole area.

Surrounded by China. Japan. Japan is here.

Quad member. Australia. Quad member.

India. Quad member. And across the sea.

America. Quad member. This is the plan to surround China.

Why is China not active here? I don’t understand one thing. It is such a big Chinese Navy. It is called PLA Navy.

People’s Liberation Army Navy. PLA Navy. Why is the PLA Navy not here? This is becoming the biggest conflict in the world.

And in this conflict. Which you see here. Ukraine.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia. It has also made it smaller. Even though there is a lot of loss there.

It has also made it smaller. The whole world is focusing on this. If China wants to show itself as a world power.

Then should China be here or not? Think about it. Wherever there is a ruckus. Then the leader goes there and says.

Don’t do this. I have come here. Don’t worry.

I will protect you. He says. India is doing it.

Why has China not come here? You also think. Why has China not come? Okay. You keep thinking.

I will tell you. China is afraid of active troop deployment. Whenever China has gone out and fought.

China has lost. In 1979. Vietnam is such a big country.

This is Hanoi. Look at this. This is Vietnam.

This is Vietnam. Vietnam is so small. And it is so big.

And he had hit this. This is 1979. China lost.

China was killed by India in 1967. In Nathu La. You know.

India also killed in Nathu La in 1967. Then China became silent. China became silent.

Now China is showing its eyes again. But China is not daring enough to tell its Navy. That there are operations here.

Because this whole area. You say Arabian Sea. Whatever you say.

But this is. What is the name of this ocean, friends? What is the name of Mahasagar? There is only one king of this entire area and that is India. Now friends, let’s come to the question and answer.

This is Nehra Studios on the question and answer. Namaskar Gaurav Arya Sir, Namaskar. My name is Ashish Nehra.

I live in Gurgaon. India should organize a meeting once a year with all the Gulf countries and talk about different issues. What is your opinion on this? There is no need to organize a meeting.

You can see that Modi Ji has gone to Qatar and UAE. UAE is actually not one country. It is a collection of so many countries in the Gulf.

We are already talking about Saudi Arabia. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia calls him his elder brother. These Gulf countries have given him the highest civilian status, just like we have Bharat Ratna.

So, there is no need to make a grouping for our relationship. There is already a great touchwood going on. I don’t think there is a need to make any more fuss about it.

Aniket Kumar Ji, Namaskar Sir, Namaskar Aniket Ji. He says, what is your opinion on inauguration of Hindu temples in Abu Dhabi? Do you think the mindset of Pakistani Muslims will change? Pakistani Muslims do not have a mind. How can there be a change? I often say that partition was not done on the basis of religion.

The partition of India and Pakistan was not done on the basis of religion. It was done on the basis of IQ. What happened there was done on the basis of intellect.

These Arabs have been Muslims for the past 1200-1400 years. They have maturity. They are the real Muslims.

They are the people who live near Mecca and Medina. Their ancestors have seen life. They have seen a lot of money.

They have seen poverty. They have seen wars. They have seen everything.

This is their perspective. We say that we have built a temple in UAE. Look at the Sultan, the head and the president of UAE.

He has shown a big heart. You should appreciate that we have built a temple. You should also appreciate that he has a big heart.

Yesterday, Modi ji said that I told my brother to build a temple. He said done. The story is over.

Take the land. Live happily. You cannot expect this maturity from Pakistanis.

People who cannot handle their country, how will they have maturity? Do you think they will have maturity in the matter of temples? No. Leave the temple. Temple is a different matter.

Leave it. Look at what is happening in their country right now. They cannot hold an election properly.

That country, that nation, those 25 crore Pakistanis cannot hold an election properly. What will they do? They do not come under any account. Okay.

Samaksh. I want to ask you. Some people say, Samaksh ji.

Jai Hind. Jai Hind, Samaksh ji. They say that India does not want to fight Pakistan because Pakistan is a nuclear state and we do not take any major action against them.

People say something like this. I want to know your views. Jai Hind, Samaksh ji.

Jai Hind, Samaksh ji. Samaksh ji, it is not like that. Pakistan is a nuclear state.

India is also a nuclear state. But the problem with Pakistan is that it always sings the song of nuclear. The fruit vendor there, he also knows that we are a nuclear state.

He also sings his song. Children are nuclear. Pakistanis have lost their minds and they are not very intelligent people.

Someone should have less brains. Someone should have less brains. And if that also goes wrong, then you can understand that there is a double loss.

One is that someone’s brain is bad. It is bad. Someone’s nose is bad.

It is bad. Then think where it will go. So all these things about nuclear are nonsense.

Okay. We do not want to have any relationship with Pakistan. You say, who will fight the Pakistanis? Who will fight? Their own army chief, Qamar Javed Bajwa, who has retired, what did he say? You go and check his famous statement on the internet.

He said that there is no oil for the tanks. There is no oil for the tanks. Now a common Pakistani, who has gone mad, who has become a radical Islamist, he says that we have a lot of passion.

We have a lot of passion. So I say to the Pakistanis, take passion and put it in the tank and then start the engine of the tank. It is possible that they started with passion and reached the border.

Fight with us there. The point is not whether India wants to fight with Pakistan or not. Who wants to wrestle with a pig? If you wrestle with a pig, the pig will enjoy it.

Your clothes will get dirty. Your name will get spoilt. Look at India’s diplomacy.

Look at India’s economy. Look at India’s army. Look at India’s stock market.

Everyone is taking it hand in hand. Wherever Modi ji goes, wow, wow, wow, Modi Modi’s slogans, India, Bharat Mata ki Jai, everyone is saying, Jai Shri Ram. You understand India’s boundary.

Now India’s boundary has become so big that India is rising like a global superpower. Here, Pakistan? What is Pakistan? I cover Pakistan’s roles every day because Pakistan is entertaining. I enjoy it.

I enjoy it because they give content. I laugh at their stupidity. That’s why I do it.

Pakistan geopolitically is immaterial now. They have become useless. Pakistan, look at this.

I will explain it to you. You asked me, right? I will explain it to you. Look at this.

This is Pakistan. Now, what is the importance of Pakistan? Pakistan has two or three important things. And Pakistan is like a shop.

In retail, we say, location, location, location. Retailers have a big saying, what is the most important thing? Location, location, location. This is Pakistan’s location.

This is Pakistan’s most important thing. What is their first important location? Their first location is that you get your border from two big economies of the world. This is the first location.

The second location is that you get your border from Afghanistan. The third thing is if someone wants to come by ship or somehow someone wants to come and want to go to Afghanistan and want to go by sea. If you want to go to Afghanistan by sea, not by land.

You can come by land from Europe. There is no problem with that. Central Asia or Central Asia, Afghanistan is below.

That you can do. But if you want to come by sea, if you want to come by land, then you will either come from Iran or you will come from Pakistan. You have no other way than this.

No one is bound from Iran. Now save Pakistan. Pakistan’s matter is that Pakistan sells its territory.

This is the importance of Pakistan. Apart from this, if Pakistan repairs the puncture of the cycle properly, then I will change my name. They are incompetent people.

They can’t do anything. If India fights them, why will anyone fight them? Anyway, Vintech Talk. They say, Jai Shri Ram Gaurav Bhai.

Jai Shri Ram. My name is Vinayak and I am from Bengaluru. Vinayak Ji, Namaskar.

Jai Shri Ram. Jai Hind. My question is, can Iran do political interference in Iran to throw Khomeini out and bring democracy? Look, let me tell you one thing.

The first thing is that I don’t think that democracy can come in Iran. Because look, I don’t want to talk about anything religious here. Okay? But, there are so many Muslim countries here.

There is Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, this place, that place, even Turkey. You can see more countries here. There is Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Muscat.

How many are here? How many Muslim countries are there in Africa? Libya is here, Egypt is here. Egypt is North Africa. We accept it.

Middle East. It is not in Middle East. Accept it.

What is there to accept? There is actually North Africa. Have you seen anywhere? Democracy. There are 57 Muslim countries.

There is no proper democracy. There is no proper democracy. You come here.

You see Bangladesh. There is no proper democracy here either. Even here, there have been military coups 3-4 times.

I don’t know how many times there have been military coups. So, to say that Iran will become a democracy, I don’t think Iran will become a democracy. It cannot become.

The people of Iran are very good. They are beautiful people. They are lovely people.

They are hospitable people. They are fantastic people. Their clerics are mad.

They are sitting up there. But, Iranians are lovely people. I love Iran very much.

I love the people of Iran very much. But, democracy? I don’t think so. Even if America stands on its head and dances, it will not become a democracy.


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